A wile ago Mango Airlines WiFi was launched called G-connect. This release was ground breaking and enabled the average traveller access to the internet while on the plane.

What Is Mango Airlines WiFi

Wi-Fi is a means of connecting to the Internet without the use of an external 3G modem, dongle or cable. Wi-Fi is usually available in public locations such as airports, hotels, coffee shops or even on-board your Mango flight. We call these locations “Wi-Fi Hotspots”. These Hotspots have wireless signals (Radio Waves) and generally, devices such as Laptops, Smartphone’s and Tablets have built in “Wi-Fi Radios”, which can detect and connect to the Hotspot to provide Internet connectivity. When in a Hotspot, just enable the Wi-Fi on your device, select your SSID (Hotspot Name) and open your Internet browser. The SSID available on-board Mango flights is “G-Connect”.

mango airlines wifi

Mango Airlines G-connect Options

  • 1 Way G-connect in-flight WiFi Pass (3 hours) – R 50.00
  • 1 Day G-connect in-flight WiFi Pass (23 hours) – R65.00
  • 1 Week G-connect in-flight WiFi Pass (7 days) – R90.00
  • 1 Month Super Travellers Pass (300 minutes) – R250.00

This is another step by Mango Airlines to make domestic flights that much more pleasurable. Mango are continually dominating the airways with Mango Specials and new innovations. Keep your eyes on our blog, Facebook or Twitter pages to keep up to date wi the latest specials from Mango Airlines.