How do we distinguish between the hundreds of airlines available for flying. With domestic flights the choice is fairly simple in South Africa as there are only four major airlines competing against each other right now. Here we are going to take a look at one of the most popular airlines and that is Mango Airlines Services and what they offer that distinguishes them from their opposition.

domestic flights south africa


Mango Airlines online check in

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to check in before you even hit the airport. This makes the whole process of flying so much easier. You don’t have to sand in that horrendous queue for lengthy periods of time waiting for your turn to check in.

Mango Airlines has more flights more often

Mango are offering flights that cover most South African destinations and at a higher frequency than some of their competitors. Essentially this means more choice for us as consumers in terms of airlines and ultimately prices.

Mango Airlines Pre Seating

One of the best facilities to be offered this year by any airline. This awesome feature means that you n choose your very own seating on your domestic flights instead of being forced to sit at the back or on top of the engine.

Mango Airlines Happy Days Sale

Mango consistently release fantastic flight specials. We are always bringing these specials to you as soon as they are released ensuring you get to choose cheap flights before anyone else. The tickets are in short supply and the specials often only last 2 days which is why we ensure that you are the first to know.