In November 2006 was when Mango Airlines started their first flights.  Celebrating their seventh year in the airline business, Mango is finding the need to increase their flights.  This is because they have found that there is a definite need for their services.  They have maintained their low cost airfare.

About Mango

Mango is an airline which began in October 2006.  Their first flight took off on November 15, 2006.  In their first two days they had over 10,000 flight request clocked per minute.  Mango offers the lowest air fare.  They offer a fleet of eight Boeing 737-800 aircrafts.  These aircrafts seat 186.  They also make sure that their aircrafts are maintained and serviced by SAA Technical.  They make sure that the aircrafts are always safe and reliable.  They are the only airline that offers Wi-Fi.  They were the first that offered booking and payments through mobile apps.  They are also the only airlines that take store credit cards as payment when purchased online or through their call center.


At this time Mango is offering twice-weekly flights that are between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.  They focus on excellent service.  You will find that Mango offers guests the option to change their flights at no additional cost.  This is a bonus for being a Mango Plus and Mango FLEX Guests.  They have been, for the last five years, South Africa’s most on time domestic airline.

Increased Flights

Mango has found that it was necessary to increase their frequency going to Durban and Cape Town.  They felt the need to increase it 20% which amounts to 74 flights weekly between both of the cities.  By increasing the flights it would benefit everyone.  The flights that are between Johannesburg and Durban are now up to 72 flights.  Since Durban has developed into a key growth point they have started a Durban base.  This base has a cabin crew and a flight deck.  This is located within the city.

You will find that Durban is one of Southern Africa’s busiest ports.  Since growth is predicted then Flymango decided that the air travel should also follow.  Since there has been growth within the Dube Trade Port the number of travelers have continued to grow Mango decided that they would invest in the city as well.  KwaZulu Natal is one of the most crowded areas.  This area is known for its leisure destinations.  It is also known as one of the most developed cities which are where the most of the imports and exports are controlled.  It is the business travel which is a considerable part of the traffic which comes in and out of this city.

Flight Schedule

Mango discovered the need to introduce a leisure schedule for their flights between Johannesburg and George.  These flights will run from Fridays to Mondays which will be for either direction and will be one daily.  The flight to Johannesburg George is the third newest domestic route within the past year.  As this route was designed it was designed with the mindset of the leisure market.  George gives access to places that are close, for example Plettenberg Bay, Wildernis, and Knysna, as well others.  It will be a new market because traveler’s numbers are expected to show a greater growth over the next year.

There was another route that Mango launched.  This route is between Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.  They have seen that there is a high demand for air travel which is along the Eastern Cape and along the lower Western Cape seaboard.  They have found that the Johannesburg George route is possible commercial value.  Mango is now operating in 90% of South Africa’s major airports.

More on Mango

While you are on your flight you have the option of purchasing refreshments.  They do not have special meals for their guests.  The specials meals would be for the individuals such as Vegan, Kosher, Diabetic meals, and Halaal.  They do allow individuals to bring snack onto the plans.

Mango is planning on doing some changes to their planes which should be completed by the end of April 2014.  They will be replacing seats and also making more leg room.  This will make it more comfortable for their passengers.  If an individual would like to pre-book their seat they will have to pay an additional fee.  If you wait to have your seat assigned to you when you check it you won’t pay the additional fee.

When you need a dependable airline at an inexpensive price Mango is an excellent choice for you.  They are always on time and have a proven record for that.  They are continually extending their flights.  They are doing this because individuals know they are receiving quality when they go through Mango.  They also have excellent customer service and pride themselves on that.