Mango have stepped up yet again with the announcement of 2 new Boeing 737-800 to their fleet. Mango’s capacity will increase by over 30 weekly flights when Mango adds two new aircraft to its fleet in August. The airline’s new schedule was launched earlier this month with the first of the two new aircraft coming online mid- August. The fleet additions will also sport the first set of new-look, environmentally friendlier seats on board.


New Mango Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

The second new generation Boeing 737-800 will join the airline’s fleet later in the year. Both new aircraft will be rolled out with new-look seats after which existing fleet will be added to the seat replacement programme. “The new seats will save approximately 820kg in aircraft weight resulting in overall emission reductions of up to 1,7 million tonnes of CO2 annually upon completion of the programme,” says Bezuidenhout. Mango has already reduced fleet weight by 270kg per aircraft with overall weight savings of the new fleet additions amounting to 1090kg each.

While we are speculating that this move by Mango Airlines will decrease the ticket prices we are certain of one thing and that is that Mango are increasing their marketshare on the domestic flights front. Keep your eyes open and we will continually bring you the latest deals from all airlines.