The South African budget airlines industry recently welcomed FlySafair and Skywise to its ranks, and it is set to only further expand. It has become a consumers’ market, with passengers having the pick of the crop to choose the best flights at the most competitive rates. A recent study performed in 2015 shows that the introduction of FlySafair to the market has already managed to bring prices down on some domestic routes even further, which is just more good news to consumers.

However, there seems to be some confusion in the marketplace as to who exactly these airliners are, where they fly to and, in each case, what their unique value propositions are to consumers. Consumers in particular were taken aback when they realised they had to pay an extra R250 for luggage on their FlySafair flight, and that it wasn’t included in the great price of the ticket they bought.

While it is understandable that consumers are sparse when it comes to dolling out their trust to new airliners, the truth is that the baggage policy is something that is adopted industry wide around the world. Ryanair and other carriers around Europe also use it, for instance.

New Low Cost Airliners Boost South African Commercial Aviation Industry

Compared with the rest of the world, South Africa’s commercial aviation industry has remained relatively small over the years. Independent carriers have always faced an uphill battle against legacy carriers, government bailouts and interim interdicts, but it seems like true competition in the industry is finally within sight.

The South African consumer knows what it is like to suffer at the hands of a monopoly. At the death of 1Time Airlines in August, 2012, the country watched on in dismay as the airline met its end and rendered competition amongst South Africa’s domestic airlines all but dead. Today is a new day, and competition is rife. Set your sails, South Africans! Cheap domestic flights are within reach.

Few Useful Tips for Flying in South Africa

  1. Always ensure you spell your name as it reflects on your ID document or passport when booking a flight!
  2. When booking flights with Mango Airlines, remember to take the card you used for the booking with you to check in;
  3. Arrive 90 minutes prior to departure at the airport for all domestic flights;
  4. If you are unable to make the flight, be sure to cancel the ticket at least two hours prior to departure with the airline directly. There might be no-show fees that may apply;
  5. For domestic flights in South Africa, hand luggage is set at 7kg;
  6. You can check in online 24 hours prior to departure, print your boarding pass and save a copy on your mobile phone to make check in easier; and
  7. Have a birth certificate for minors while travelling in South Africa. It doesn’t have to be an unabridged one.

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