Mango Airlines Delivering Low Cost and High Quality Travel Experience

Mango Airlines is a low cost carrier owned by South African Airways. It was brought into operation on 15th November 2006 with an objective to make it possible for South African passengers to enjoy flight journeys at competitive prices. Mango Airlines is a popular choice of a large number of people in South Africa due to its low cost travelling services. It comes up with lucrative Mango flight specials and Mango flights bookings deals from time to time to capture the attention of average travelers such as popular R1 fare, daily lunchtime Happy Hour session in the month of June etc. Mango flights offer great services at great prices to domestic travelers. Whether you are looking for flights to Cape Town or a visit to family in Johannesburg, Mango Airlines offers flight services at incredibly low prices on all major airline routes in South Africa. Whether you are frequent business traveler or you are travelling with family and looking for budget friendly airlines in South Africa, Mango flights are ideal choice for all kinds of travelers.

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