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kulula flightsKulula Flights operate in the domestic flights market in South Africa and are characterized by their green planes. Kulula Flights are often among some of the cheapest available and their unique humour is very welcome among travellers. Kulula is owned and operated by Comair who also form part of the British Airways contingency in the South African domestic flights market.

Kulula run some incredible flight specials once a month or so. This is by far the best time to book Kulula Flights as they are approximately around 15-20% cheaper than any other domestic airline in South Africa at the time.


Kulula Flight Prices


Scanning over 20 million Kulula Flights gives us the power to bring you cheap Kulula flights on some of the more popular routes such as; Kulula flights from Johannesburg to Durban, Cape Town to Johannesburg and Kulula flights to Johannesburg.


Kulula Flights One-way Routes Prices


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Kulula Flights Return Routes Prices


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Kulula Seating


Your seat is usually assigned to you when you check-in at the airport counter. It’s possible to select a seat online 24 hours prior to departure, but by then seats are limited and you may not get the seat you want. Kulula Airlines want you to love flying as much as they do, so you can choose the seat you want before flying for R35 p/p or book an extra seat for your personal comfort.


Kulula Flights Baggage


Hand Luggage

Any baggage taken onboard with you must not exceed 115cm (56cm + 36cm + 23cm), and weigh no more than 7kg.

Checked Bag

The dimensions of the bag should be 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches), including the handle, pockets and wheels. It cannot weigh more than 20kg.

Sometimes 20kg is not enough. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll be packing when you’re booking your flight. Other times you might want to pack light when you depart for a shopping spree and buy extra bags on your return.

Additional Baggage

You can purchase additional baggage in two ways:

  • Online – This can be done when you make your flight booking or on the ‘manage my booking’ tab on the home page at least 2 hours prior to flight departure. The extra bag fee is R245 each and payable by credit card only
  • Contact Centre – 0861 KULULA (585852) at least 2 hours prior to flight departure (Monday to Sunday from 7am to 7pm) at R245 per bag
  • At the airport – R350 per bag


Kulula Flights Pets


For Kulula and British Airways (operated by Comair) flights, only cats and dogs can be transported on board passenger flights. For all other animals such as snakes, birds, rodents, etc. please call the cargo agent Express Air Services 011 230 4600.

Transportation of pets is not included in the free checked baggage allowance of 23kg. A handling fee is charged for each pet container:

  • R350 for a total weight of 23kg and less
  • A heavy bag levy of R250 is charged for containers over 23kg but less than 32kg
  • Pet containers over the maximum 32kg must be carried as cargo through our cargo agent. Call Express Air Services for a quote 011 390 2841
  • Guide dogs travelling with people with disabilities are carried free of charge but we may need to charge if an adjacent seat has to be withdrawn from use to accommodate a disabled customer and accompanying assistance dog

To make a reservation for pet transport call  the British Airways  Contact Centre at least 72 hours prior to departure on 0860 I FLY BA (0860 4 359 22).


Kulula Flights Meals


kulula-flights-menuLike Mango Airlines, Kulula Airlines do not offer FREE meals or drinks during the flight. You will need to purchase any food or drinks that you want during your domestic flight. Some of the food available includes; meaty roll, cheesy roll, ham and cheese croissant, pringles, sweets and biltong to name a few. A full assortment of beverages are available from Coke, Fanta, Tea and Coffee to alcohol.


Review by Helen Bennett: “Misfortune” is the title of this review of my Kulula Flight, or at least with respect to the flight that I took with them in April, 2016. I did the Durban/ Joburg route, and at Joburg, I was booked onto an international flight. As is the norm, Kulula were running late – half an hour late in this case. And yet, as is the usual game plan, there were no apologies, no explanations provided. I only had around 2 hours by the time we did eventually land to get myself booked onto the adjoining flight, which was cutting it short, but still managed to do it through the graces of God or something. I have flown with Kulula frequently before, over the preceding years, and it’s like, 6 from 10 times that they’ve been late and rarely is there a decent explanation as to why – “airways were busy, sorry about the delay.” Airways were busy? And yet the majority of other flights from the same airport were taking off on time. I think this will be the last time I choose to fly with Kulula; Amen. ” Rating: 2/5.