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Kulula Airlines Passenger Information

Many people take flying for granted. We do it so often, the way things happen is just a matter of course, and we adjust ourselves to the patterns as they change. In certain instances however, we may find ourselves in certain situations that require us to approach our flying differently. This is the reason we offer you Kulula Airlines Passenger Information.

For instance, we get older, perhaps into retirement age, and we slow down a bit, or you may be a young woman who is now pregnant and have to approach your trip in a different manner. Then of course, when you have children, you must adjust the way you travel to have the time to make sure things are handled correctly. In any case, Kulula Airlines is here to help you make you flight one that is as pleasant as possible.




Elderly Passengers


Elderly passengers may need assistance boarding the plane, or other type of assistance when they are flying Kulula Airlines. To this end, Kulula requests that passengers in this category please check in early so that they may be given priority boarding to make things easier. Especially in the case of the passenger being in a wheelchair, or using a walker. Typically, the air crew will not permit elderly passengers to sit in the emergency rows, since these seats are generally left open to people who will be able to assist the crew in the event there is an air emergency.

Additionally, passengers who are unable to work very long distances are required to sit near the toilets, in the event they have to visit the lavatory. Please feel free to contact the airline regarding special needs or arrangements required when you are flying with Kulula Airlines by calling 086 15 85 852

Larger Passengers


In some cases, passengers are unable to fit properly into the standard seating. In cases like this, the passenger might have to occupy the space of two seats to travel comfortably. In this case, the passenger will generally be required to pay for the second seat, especially in the case where seating is limited on certain flights. In cases such as this, extension seat belts are provided to the passenger for comfort.

Additionally, larger passengers will not be permitted to be seated in the emergency seating sections, which are generally reserved for those who are able to assist the aircrew in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Pregnant Passengers


Most doctors advise pregnant women that they should not fly after a certain time during their pregnancy. However, those who are deemed able to fly by their doctor should follow a few simple guidelines when travelling with Kulula Airlines, to ensure that your trip in one that is safe and enjoyable.

Expectant mothers should always carry emergency contact details with them at all times when travelling. This information should also include any pertinent details regarding the pregnancy. You should also carry a copy of the prenatal chart regarding your pregnancy in the event you are in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. You should contact the medical reservations department by contacting the airline at 086 15 85 852, to make a special request and prepare the airline for your travel. In most cases, if you have reached your 35th week of pregnancy, you will not be able to fly with Kulula. Pregnant passengers are also not permitted to sit in emergency seating for obvious reasons.


Young Passengers


Kulula Airlines considers an infant a passenger if they are older than 7 days but less than two years old. Passengers younger than 7 days are not permitted on planes. The airline will check birth certificates of children in this category.

Children who are flying and are between the ages of 2-12, must be accompanied by a person who is at least 16 years of age.

A passenger who is older than 12 but younger than 16 may travel alone on a flight, but they may not stand in as an adult with a passenger younger than 12. Children also may not take seat in the emergency seating areas.

Kulula Airlines will charge a fee for travelling infants, though it is much less than the adult fare for the flight. Contact the airline at 086 15 85 852 for more details about this fee.

Infants may set on the lap of an adult traveller provided they are younger than 2 years old. If you have two infants, they must be travelling with two adults. Approved child safety seats may be brought on board the plane, but the seat becomes part of the allowed baggage that you are permitted to bring aboard the plane.
Contact the medical bookings division on 086 10 10 214 to request that Kulula make available special infant restraints.

As mentioned previously, minors who are not older than twelve cannot travelling alone on Kulula Airlines. Simply put, accompanying minors through an entire flight involves the intervention of a great many number of staff, and would take away from the economy of flying with Kulula Airlines. If we permitted younger passengers to fly alone, we would have to significantly raise airline travel fees to cover the costs.


Disabled Passengers


Passenger with disabilities are those who have permanent disabilities such as paralysis, are mentally challenged, have multiple sclerosis, are blind and /or deaf, etc. These passengers do not have to have medical clearance from a doctor to travel, but they do need to contact the medical services division in order to make arrangements for safe and enjoyable travel, by giving the airline time to prepare for their travel date. You can reach the medical service division by calling the main airline number at 086 15 85 852 and having the operator to connect you.