Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year?

It’s that time of year again, Christmas decorations are starting to make a tentative appearance in the shops (seriously?) along with those ever-appealing golden bears nobody can resist.

Usually, around this time thoughts are beginning to turn towards gift shopping for the upcoming season and the incredible Black Friday specials that will soon make an appearance. Yet, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt this year, it’s to not count our chickens.

So, is Black Friday going to be the next familiar favourite that 2020’s about to whip out from under our noses?


The Show Will Go On

No retailer worth their salt’s going to miss the chance to boost their sales or their reputation by denying us the familiar frenzy of fighting for the best Black Friday deals.

We’ll probably see some major changes when it comes to proceedings, with severe restrictions on queueing and limited entry to brick and mortar stores. There’s good news though.

You’re bound to see more online specials than ever before, so you can reap the benefits of shopping from the comfort of your own home and door-to-door delivery. Just like you’ve always been able to do on our website.

Let’s face it, it’s not the worst thing that can happen.

The same applies to travel operators.

Even though every major player in the travel industry’s already offering savings that are almost akin to Black Friday, South Africa will still celebrate Black Friday this year.

We’ve always offered the best deals on online bookings all year round, but we won’t make you go without your fix this Black Friday either.

You can check here for the best Black Friday deals South Africa has to offer on domestic flights right here:

• Kulula Black Friday savings
• Mango Black Friday offers
• FlySafair Black Friday specials
• Safair Black Friday specials

Bookmark this page and keep checking back. You’re bound to find even better savings closer to the time and on the big day.


When is Black Friday?

Traditionally, Black Friday falls on the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving Holiday, which is on 26 November this year. So, Friday 27 November’s set to be the day in all countries with Black Friday deals.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday on the 30th November and Travel Tuesday on 1 December either.

As usual, stores will start to offer special offers in the days preceding Black Friday although there’s bound to be an emphasis on online savings rather than in-store only specials.

Can you even remember what you bought at the last Black Friday sales? Unless it was an airline ticket to an unforgettable destination, probably not.

Why You should Take Advantage of Black Friday Savings on Travel

If you book accommodation in South Africa for 2020, you’re in for a big surprise. Due to the dearth of international travellers lately, many of the country’s most luxurious safari lodges and hotels have had to slash their prices to accommodate local travellers.

So, not only will you get to book an awesome Black Friday deal on your flights, your combined savings mean you’ll get far more holiday for your hard-earned rand. You can book a destination you’ve never been able to afford before or plan a longer stay.

Get the Best Black Friday Savings on Flights Here

When it comes to Black Friday 2020 South Africa will be pulling out all the stops once again.

You might not get to enjoy the drama of fighting through the crowds, but you’ll still be able to scoop up some of the best savings both in store (subject to strict controls) and online.

Get the Best Deals on Flights Any Time

If you can’t wait for Black Friday to roll around, remember you can always find the cheapest flights right here on our website any time of the year.

Other tips from seasoned travellers include playing your cards right with travel miles and booking as far in advance as you can.
Don’t believe the fake news about Tuesday being the best day to book your flights.

Apart from Travel Tuesday savings, this isn’t true, you can get the best prices on domestic airline tickets any day of the week when you book with us.

Compare prices now or check back during Black Friday week for more savings.