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Cheap Flights To Mogadishu, Somalia

cheap-flights-to-mogadishuSomalia is alive with possibility. Its largest city, Mogadishu, welcomes visitors from around the world and from all walks of life. It is located on the Indian Ocean coast of the Horn of Africa. Even while the country’s landmarks are complicated by the fact that some are out of bounds at certain times during the year, there are many spots that cannot be missed by any visitor to this richly cultural city.

The country boasts with many natural landmarks, including mountains and national parks, in which locals place a great deal of pride. When booking cheap flights to Mogadishu, these are only a few of the must-see activities that you should take in during your trip.

Many of the city’s tourism attractions concern its cultural and political history, as well as its abundant and beautiful nature attractions. Perhaps one of the best known and most popular landmarks in Somalia is Laas Geel. Visitors who fly with airline flights to Somalia often try their hardest to make it to this attraction, which is a series of caves in Somaliland that displays hundreds of ancient Neolithic paintings. Rock art in these caves is perhaps some of the best preserved in the world, dating back as far as 9000 B.C.

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The Kismayo National Park is another natural beauty and is evident in the plethora of national parks available in Somalia. One of the most popular parks in the region is the Kismayo National Park. This is one of the few parks in the East African region that is home to many animals to the region.

The Berbera Seaside is one of the leading beaches in Somali and Somaliland. It forms part of the Sahil region near Hargeisa, and people from all over the world visit these gorgeous beaches unspoiled by overdevelopment. You can look forward to getting up close and personal to these beaches during your visit to Mogadishu and Somalia.

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