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Cheap Flights To Egypt


cheap-flights-to-cairo-egyptCairo remains one of the world’s greatest megacities. As beautiful as it is eclectic, and rich in its historic finery, Cairo continues to attract millions of regional and foreign visitors each year. Thanks to cheap flights to Cairo becoming more and more available to the masses, more people are able to place their footsteps in this historic city.

Its sheer noise, hustle and bustle assaults the visitor’s senses, but when looking beyond the modern hubbub, it is easy to get lost in the immersive history that surrounds you. The city is of Cairo is famous for many things, including hosting one of world’s most fascinating civilisations. Think Pharaohs, think King tut, Egypt is your first choice destination for some of the world’s most famous signs and monuments, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Nile River, which happens to be the longest river in the world!


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Many Egypt and Cairo attractions and destinations can be visited all year round. However, for the Red Sea Coast, it is probably best to visit during their dry season, which is from June to September. Those who look forward to sightseeing ancient monuments, the best time would be October to April when temperatures in Cairo is fair to moderate.

One of the biggest attractions in Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza, attracts millions of visitors to the country alone. This half-day trip is the city’s top activity and must-do attraction. Situated right on the edge of the city, these fourth dynasty funerary temples continue to wow travellers from all walks of life. Despite the dust and heat, you can’t miss this attraction when you visit Cairo.


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