In our continued efforts to offer the cheapest flights in South Africa we decided to do an experiment to see if we could put our money where our mouth is. We will reveal all to you in this article but first you need to see the actual evidence of our research.

Here is the scenario:

Departure Airport: Cape Town

Destination Airport: Johannesburg

Passengers: 2 Adults, 2 Children (12+)

Date: Departing 11th September 2015 Returning 18th September 2015

We based our research on a family of 4 travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg for a 1 week holiday. It must be noted as well that we took the CHEAPEST FLIGHTS from each airline.


The whole process of finding the cheapest flights took us a total of 9 minutes and 32 seconds. To us, this was very time consuming. The results are very clear and that is, Domestic Flights South Africa came out WAY ahead on price, and best of all, took us under a minute to use.

And the winner is:



  • Mango Airlines : R6,996.00
  • Kulula Airlines : R6,875.36
  • FlySafair : R6,592.00
  • Skywise : R7,352.00
  • SAA : R10,818.16
  • DFSA : R5,599.00

How do we do it?

By comparing all the airlines instantly we are able to offer you the most affordable options. Instead of being forced to use a cheap flight one way and then another expensive flight on the other leg of the journey, we give you the option of taking the cheapest flight for departure AND return.

So, there you have it. Proof is really in the pudding. We saved TIME and MONEY. Next time you wish to book your flight, simply use our world class booking engine and be sure that you are guaranteed to get the cheapest flights available.






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