Cheap flights tend to be the talk at this point in time as domestic airfares throughout South Africa have now been plunging. Nowadays, more so than ever, it is quite simple and cost effective for exploring our fantastic country – nevertheless just how do you genuinely guarantee the optimal bargain?

Online are 3 wonderful guidelines to ensure that you receive the best price with your airline tickets.


What tend to be inexpensive flight companies?

To begin with, your best option is usually to begin by focusing on 1 of the many low cost carriers available such as like FlySafair, Mango Airlines or Skywise. The objective regarding low cost carriers is the fact that they strive to maintain low operating costs in order to make certain that you receive the least expensive ticket.

The outcome certainly won’t be red carpets as well as caviar aboard, but what you will really end up getting is actually a safe, pleasant and reasonably priced method of getting to your destination.


Which are the cheap flights?

It is essential to be aware of when shopping for cheap flights the fact of how airline’s cost their airline tickets. Airplane tickets tend to be costed using a demand curve. This simply means that the primary seats which sell on virtually any trip can be bought with the smallest price tag. If we use FlySafair as an example of a ticket from Cape Town to Johannesburg, this will be R499. This price includes air-port taxes. As more seats on various flights sell and the plane begins filling up, the airline tickets get gradually more high-priced so the final ticket sold on a flight is among the most costly.


As soon as you have selected the preferred low cost carrier, you will discover 3 golden principles to confirm that you will find the cheap flights price on your tickets.



This may be in all probability the absolute most essential step. Due to the reality of the character of the demand curve prices talked about above, the greater number of people on a flight, the greater the cost of the tickets are likely to be, hence the answer requires you to book as soon as you can, to enable you to get 1 of the 1st airline tickets on sale for a particular flight.



There are normally sought after flights which business travelers might utilize, such as flights during a Friday or Sunday night. The easiest way to acquire the cheapest flight ticket is usually to be flexible with the travel dates and times. This could imply the need to take an extra day’s holiday, nevertheless ones saving will be really worthwhile. Airline travel on Tuesdays and Thursdays, particularly those during the day will probably present you with a great deal.



Most airlines instantly factor the market cost of checked in luggage to the cost of one’s ticket. They may advise you that it is totally free, although the truth is that often it is already a part of their ticket price. We have discovered that approximately half of passengers do not genuinely wish to take baggage with on flights, so some airlines do not actually charge for this. With, for example, FlySafair you get a free carry-on bag of 7kg, that is spot on for a week-end trip – if you’re able to travel lightweight, you will save those precious rands and cents. If you’re going to be traveling with somebody it’s also possible to think about buying one specific check-in bag and sharing it – that will also assist in saving.


Do cheap flights mean cheap service?

Certainly not. The purpose regarding the low cost airline system is to deliver a brilliant servicing although it can costly. As we previously mentioned, generally there will not be Champagne and caviar on board, nevertheless the service you get will likely be professional and pleasant.

If you feel the need for a snack on board a flight there is often a facility to purchase either food or drinks from a small menu.


Do cheap airlines fly cheap old planes?

Emphatically NO! Low cost airlines keep their costs to a mimimum by operating their particular companies as effectively as possible, nevertheless there’s definitely by no means a compromise around the safety of passengers. The airplanes a low cost carrier utilizes may possibly never be right out of Boeings manufacturing line, however they will be perfectly safe. That being said, Mango airlines recently gave us all some very new planes with that added extra leg space.

So now is the best time to take advantage of the cheap flights that are presently available for South Africans.