One of the reasons why Johannesburg is such a popular destination is that it is incredibly easy to get to.

For many people the simplest way to get here is by flying in to the big, welcoming O.R. Tambo International Airport. This is the busiest airport in all of Africa and offers flights to just about every corner of the globe.

It is easy to get from this airport to Johannesburg by train, car or bus. There are also a large number of flight options for arriving here from other parts of South Africa and further afield.

Lanseria Airport also offers a great option for arriving here from Cape Town. Currently, Mango and Kulula offer good value flights on this route.

Johannesburg sunset in Alberton

From Cape Town

FlySafair, Mango, British Airways, South African Airways and Kulula all fly from Cape Town into the domestic terminal at Johannesburg Airport. The large number of flights means that it is possible to make this trip at just about any time of day.

The flight time is around 2 hours, with some taking a little bit less time and others a bit longer. Early morning flights currently start at 6.00am and are then available throughout the day until the last one at around 8pm.

Prices for this route vary according to factors such as availability, the time of the flight, the airline and the type of ticket. The best one-way deals will typically start at under R900 for an economy flight.

From Durban

Flying between South Africa’s two biggest cities is as easy as you would imagine it to be. Flights from the sparkling new King Shaka International Airport in Durban to Johannesburg are operated by Mango, FlySafair, South African Airways, Kulula and British Airways.

The flight time is a shade over an hour. Early morning flights start around 6am and there are plenty to choose from right up to 8pm or so.

As usual, the prices vary according to your exact requirements and how early you make a booking. Expect to pay from around R600 for a one way ticket, although some deals come in even cheaper than this.

From East London

While the Golden Triangle of Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg see by far the highest level of domestic flights, it is also possible to fly in to Johannesburg from other parts of country if you want to.

For example, flights from East London to Johannesburg are operated by FlySafair, Kulula, SA Express and South African Airways. One issue to bear in mind here is that a relatively limited number of flights make this route directly each day when compared to other routes.

For a direct flight you can choose from an early morning start at 6.45am through to the last one at 7.40pm. This route will usually cost you around 700-800 Rand in economy class.

From George

The pretty city of George also offers easy access to Johannesburg. In this case, the companies flying this route are Kulula, FlySafair, Mango, SA Express, South African Airways and Airlink (this last operator offers flights with a stop rather than direct ones).

Flights on this route are rather more limited than on more transited routes, meaning that booking in advance is a good idea. At the time of writing, flights start at just after 9am and the last one takes off not long after 6pm.

The price of this route ranges from around R900 for a standard economy ticket.

From Bloemfontein

The judicial capital of the country is connected to Johannesburg through a number of different flight options. Operators who make this trip daily are Fly Blue Crane, CemAir, SA Express and Airlink (not direct with this final carrier).

The flight time on direct trips between these cities is an hour. For an early arrival in Johannesburg you could choose to leave Bloemfontein at 6.15pm.

Later flights run until 6.40pm, although the number of flights during the day is somewhat limited in comparison with the Golden Triangle routes. A good deal on this route will see you spending less than R1, 000 on a one way ticket.

From Port Elizabeth

The short flight from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg clocks in at under 2 hours. The operators on this route are Mango, FlySafair, South African Airways and British Airways.

You can fly out of the Friendly City as early as 6.10am, with the last flight occurring at just after 7pm.  A good deal on this route could see you making the trip for less than R700 on a one-way basis.

Johannesburg Comaro Street

No matter where you are starting your journey in South Africa, getting to Johannesburg is easy and affordable. To find out the best options right now just take a look at our list of current offers and choose the one that suits you.