Getting something tasty to eat and a refreshing drink can be among the highlights of a trip to Johannesburg.

The good news is that this vibrant and exciting South African city has some tremendous food and drink options waiting for you.

Food and Drink in Johannesburg: Local Cuisine

This is your chance to taste a huge variety of food from all over the continent and further afield. If you are flying in from another city in South Africa then you will love the fact that there is so much different food here to sample.

The cultural mix here means that you can eat anything from top class Italian dishes to authentic Chinese food and hearty township food. Fabulous grilled meat is also high on the list of things to try for many visitors to this city.

The city definitely has an eating out culture that it is easy to get caught up in. If you love to sample new dishes then your taste buds will be grateful for the chance to fly into Johannesburg for a few days.

Local Drinks

You can also take your pick from a big selection of drinks here too. Those visitors who enjoy a glass of beer may be tempted to start off with the popular SAB World of Beer tour, where you will find out all about the drink before enjoying a tasting session.

Local Drinks in Johannesburg

This is also a fine place to try something a bit more luxurious, with numerous classy cocktail bars spread across the city.

You may also decide to taste some wine while in this fantastic city. There are many excellent wine bars in Johannesburg where you can sample a few great wines in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

For those wine lovers who are feeling a bit more adventurous, the annual Vaal River Meander Wine Route fun can be enjoyed after less than an hour’s drive in your hire care from the city. The Johannesburg Farmers Market and the Tops at Spar Wine Show are other events with wine sampling to look out for.

Those who prefer to savour a great coffee will find plenty to get their taste buds tingling here, with coffee shops across the city.

Food and Drink in Johannesburg: Places to Eat

Considering the size of Johannesburg, it is no surprise to find that there are plenty of top class places to eat here. In fact, it is generally regarded as offering the country’s most diverse and thrilling selection of places to eat.

Wombles and Tashas are a couple of the local eateries that consistently delight their diners. Other excellent restaurants in Johannesburg include Five Hundred and the innovative Cube Tasting Kitchen.

If you are travelling with your family then the likes of the fun Papachinos offers the chance for the little ones to play while you enjoy a quality meal.

When you want some authentic Asian food then Johannesburg’s fairly modestly sized but thriving Chinatown (in the Cyrildene neighbourhood) has some restaurants worth taking a look at. Han Kee and Fisherman’s Plate area couple of restaurants here that come recommended by many locals and travellers alike.

Those tourists who visit Nelson Mandela’s former home in Soweto may opt to eat in the wildly popular Sakhmuzi across the road. This restaurant is tourist-oriented and serves typical township food in a fascinating setting.

Food and Drink in Johannesburg: Places to Drink

Johannesburg is packed with wonderful places to enjoy a refreshing drink or two. For example, if you want to enjoy the city’s famously spectacular sunsets then you could sip a cocktail in the rooftop Island Bar found at the Tsogo Sun Hyde Park.

A couple of places that the locals love are Lucky Bean and Giles, which serve great food as well as being popular as a drinks spot.

Places to Drink in Johannesburg

When you are after a lively evening you have got plenty of options to choose from here. You could opt for a night of luxury in the glitzy L’Opulence or else go for the classic feel of the timeless Radium Beer Hall.

The range of options for some fun in the evening is incredible. Another good idea is to head to the 24 hour Catz Pajamas, where you can eat and drink while the sun goes down or else as it starts to rise on a new day.

The sheer sensory pleasure of a trip of Johannesburg is hard to describe. Why not check out our upcoming flights to get here and sample the food and drink in person?