One of the newest Low-cost airlines in South Africa,  FlySafair has just provided travellers new onboard seating in their planes which will give passengers more comfort and space. This together with new branding of their planes is set to boost the visual presence of the airline.

flysafair-install-new-seats-for-your-comfortFlySafair is busy upgrading their existing fleet to Boeing 737-800s and are making use of this opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of their aircraft. Whilst keeping their iconic tail design, this exercise will add more colour to the carriage of the the FlySafair fleet to produce a bigger, more visual presence in the skies.

The white stripe running down the leading edge of the tail which we are familiar with, will stay as it emphasises the silhouette of the tail giving it the appearance of being slimmer and lighter. By decreasing the amount of paint on the aircraft FlySafair will be able to reduce the maintenance costs’s thereby reducing overall operating costs – hopefully this will help to keep airfares at a minimum.




“There’s a general trend towards flood-coating the whole aircraft in a solid colour, but we opted against this in favour of creating a bold design that enhances the beautiful contours of the Boeings. With brand new seats planned for the inside of the aircraft, it seemed criminal not to update the outside while we were at it,” says Kirby Gordon, vice president of sales and distribution at FlySafair.

Thinner seats mean more space, enhanced comfort and ultimately happier passengers.


To add to these changes, FlySafair will also replace the seats in their existing aircraft with the market leading Zodiac economy class seat. This seat is manufactured in France and offer a new contoured ergonomic backrest with shaped profile that gives the largest possible shin and knee clearance.  These additional changes will provide greater leg room and offer a more comfortable flight experience for passengers.

The fixed-recline seats are perfectly adapted for short flights and allow for a more comfortable flight experience for passengers seated behind them.

The aircraft will feature the same number of seats as before, but the reduced weight of the slimmer frame will make the aircraft lighter, furthering lowering fuel and maintenance costs, which will be passed on to the passenger.

The first upgraded aircraft, ZS-JRL, a Boeing 737-400, will lift off in the South African the skies on 15 August 2015, flying Johannesburg to Cape Town.