FlySafair is a leading low cost domestic carrier in South Africa, connecting South Africans from all walks of life with loved ones, friends and business partners every day. Founded by Safair, south Africa’s best known air logistics and specialist air services company, FlySafair stands on the shoulders of a company with nearly half a century’s experience in air travel.

Throughout their long history of service FlySafair’s parent company has worked on many different projects, from transporting medical supplies and food relief to working with many international aid agencies. Now, through FlySafair they concentrate on helping South Africans get to where they’re going and back again safely, on time and in comfort.

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There are some fantastic FlySafair flights specials available that make air travel even more accessible to every day South Africans. Their fleet of modern aircraft ensures passengers enjoy a comfortable journey. FlySafair currently flies Boeing 737-400s, with a seating capacity of 165 passengers.

There is also the 7370300 air craft in the wings, should the unlikely event occur that one of the 400s goes technical so that all passengers are assured of reaching their destinations on time. These are only a few of the many reasons behind the popularity of great FlySafair specials.

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