Following a few simple tips: Flying while pregnant

You are probably much safer if you are flying while pregnant than going by any other mode of transportation. Following a few simple tips, you will be able to rest assured that you will indeed stay safe during your flight. In no case, should a woman ever fly when she has reached her 36th week of pregnancy. That said, the safest time to fly while you are pregnant is between the 14th and 28th weeks. During this period, the risk of miscarriage or premature labour are lowest.

flying while pregnant

Guidelines from one airline to the next will vary, but most will require a letter from the passengers physician stating that she is medically safe to travel on an aeroplane. In any case, the passenger should always carry with her a complete list of emergency contact and pertinent medical details just in case problems should arise. This information sheet should also contain details regarding the pregnancy such as due date, etc.

For your own comfort, try to choose the bulkhead seat. Sometimes, if the seat is taken, the flight attendant will ask the person sitting in it to move if possible. You want this seat when you can get it because there is more leg room, which is absolutely essential to your comfort for a variety of reasons including in case of swollen legs, feet and ankles among other things. During the flight, feel free to take off shoes and stockings for comfort and to encourage good circulation in your legs.

Take a little walk down the aisle, even if it’s just to go to the bathroom. You should do this at least hourly, when of course, the seatbelt light is out, and provided there is no air disturbance going on. This is important to relive muscle tension and to loosen stiff muscles.

Always drink plenty of fresh water during the flight as well as fruit juice. This is important, because the low air pressure inside the cabin as you are flying could lead to dehydration, so do not deprive yourself. The fruit juice will also help to give you energy while replenishing your body with antioxidants so that your immune system stays strong. Many scoff at this notion, but it indeed important. You’re also going to want to avoid drinking anything with caffeine in it including coffee, colas, and yes, tea.

When you are buckling in, do not place the belt across your stomach. Instead, adjust it so that it is below your belly and across the hips. This helps to avoid any problems with tearing the placenta in case of severe turbulence or other emergencies. While many people will cringe at the thought of flying while pregnant, as long as you follow the advice of your doctor, and follow the aforementioned tips, everything should go smoothly.