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Meet FlyNamibia, previously Fly WestAir, one of the fastest-growing airlines in Namibia. It is an independent airline that began operating in 2019. It is Namibia’s first privately owned airline that prides itself on connecting people through local and regional flights.

They also offer fantastic cheap flights to Cape Town, with plans of expanding their horizons so that more people will be able to visit this beautiful country.

FlyNamibia is a division of Westair Aviation, which started as an aircraft maintenance company in 1967. Since then, they have grown to become Namibia’s most experienced company, which has earned them the worthy title of  “The Standard in Aviation in Namibia.”

In 2021 they undertook the bold decision to rebrand from Flywestair to FlyNamibia, which has brought about a renewed sense of pride for many people in the country. FlyNamibia’s passion for aviation ensures that they fly the colours of their flag high wherever they go.


Why Book Flights to Namibia with Fly Namibia?

Number of Destinations

FlyNamibia offers flights to various local destinations from the Eros International Airport in the capital, Windhoek, to other major airports in Namibia, as well as Cape Town International Airport.

Safety & Security

FlyNamibia’s parent company Westair Aviation is the most experienced aviation company in Namibia, with more than 50 years of experience. This, along with experienced and dedicated staff members, means that they don’t compromise on safety.

They also offer covid testing for international flights at their head office, ensuring that everyone on board is safe to fly with.

International Growth

With regular flights to Cape Town already existing, FlyNamibia has laid the groundwork to expand their international routes. New routes will hopefully include cheap flights to Johannesburg and other routes to help connect Namibia with the rest of the world.

Booking with FlyNamibia


Fly Namibia


Flights with FlyNamibia can easily be booked online using our easy-to-use search tool. The platform will give you a comparison of all the best flights, including which day it’s cheapest to fly on.

As Cape Town is currently the airline’s only international route, you can get a good deal on cheap flights from Windhoek to Cape Town.

Popular Flights from Fly Namibia

Currently, FlyNambia doesn’t offer a lot of flights and mainly focuses on domestic flights. Their routes include:

  • Windhoek – Ondangwa (Toivo Ya Toivo)
  • Windhoek – Rundu
  • Windhoek – Katima Mulilo
  • Windhoek – Cape Town

Best Time to Book with Fly Namibia?

Depending on the month in which you would like to travel, the cheapest day to fly to Windhoek and other destinations vary.

Once you decide on the month in which you would like to travel, our online booking system will display the prices for each departure and return date. You’ll be able to see which day is the cheapest to fly out.

Cheapest FlyNamibia Flights – One Way

For more information, check out Fly Namibia’s Flight schedule here:

Cheapest FlyNamibia Flights – Return

If you are looking for a return flight, this schedule will provide you with the cheapest prices:

Fly Namibia Safari


Fly Namibia flights


One thing that gives FlyNamibia an advantage over its competitor airlines is that they have their own separate division called FlyNambia Safari. This makes it easy to reach Namibia’s top destinations quickly and effortlessly so that you can enjoy a safari or other activities.

Fly Namibia Safari Destinations


Established in 1892 during the German colonial era, Swakopmund is a much-loved destination by locals and visitors alike. This desert town is nestled in between the sea and the desert, and its contrasting landscape is quite something to behold.

You’ll also find elegant palm trees, lush lawns and well-maintained public gardens for all to enjoy. There are numerous accommodation options as well, restaurants and coffee shops paying tribute to their German heritage.


One of Namibia’s most well-known attractions is the Etosha National Park in Namibia’s north-central region. It’s home to the largest salt pans in Africa, which are even visible from space.

It’s also one of the largest game reserves in Africa, with 114 different mammal species found in the park. These include cheetahs, black rhinos, and black-faced impalas.


Sossusvlei is another one of Namibia’s top attractions. The area has an impressive white pan surrounded by some of the highest dunes in the world. Near Sossusvlei, you’ll also find the Namib-Naukluft National Park in the southern Namib Desert, which has stunning red sand dunes, unique flora and fauna, and endless horizons.

Best Time to Visit Namibia

The best time to visit Namibia is during the dry season. This is from July to October when temperatures average just over 20°C, and there’s little rainfall. This is also the best time for wildlife viewing if you plan on going on a safari.

Fly Namibia Baggage Information

If you are planning on flying with FlyNamibia, consider the following information about baggage when planning your next trip:

General Baggage Allowance Rules

Each passenger is allowed a maximum of  20kgs of checked baggage and 5kgs of hand luggage free of charge. If you are travelling with an infant, you’ll be allowed 10kgs of checked baggage, as well as one stroller and car seat free of charge.

Excess Baggage Rates

If you exceed the normal baggage allowance, a rate of NAD50.00 will be charged per kilogram per flight on domestic flights. A rate of NAD60.00 will be charged per kilogram per flight on regional and international flights.

Flying with Animals

You are allowed to travel with live animals, however pets are not allowed in the cabin unless they are service dogs. Pets are not allowed to be carried as cargo. While pets are allowed as part of your checked baggage they cannot be checked in as part of your free baggage allowance.

For domestic flights a fee of NAD900.00 and for regional and international flights, a fee of NAD1300.00 applies. Please remember to present all the necessary documentation for your pet when checking in.

Sports Equipment

If you need to bring along any sporting equipment, a fee of NAD250.00 will be charged per item. This fee applies to all FlyNamibia flights. You can pre-purchase this allowance on their website or you can purchase it at the airport before boarding.

Ready to Book Your Flight with FlyNamibia?

There are many reasons why you should book your next flight with FlyNamibia. Apart from high security and safety standards, they offer an exceptional list of local and international flights and a friendly crew.

So don’t delay, book your flight today!