Millions of South Africans criss-cross South Africa each year and SAA is South Africa’s aviation pride and joy. South African Airways is one of the country’s main airline travel providers, that also travels internationally. They provide the largest air travel network across Africa, and travel to more locations nationally, regionally and internationally than many other domestic and international carriers.

Throughout the years, South Africans have looked to great SAA specials to enjoy even greater value for money. Today, SAA is known for its modern aircraft, friendly ground staff and professional cabin crew. You can look forward to more spacious seating and legroom, a variety of tasty on board meals and snacks and the best in cabin entertainment available in the aviation industry.

There are many reasons to love South African Airways, not least their dedication to many fantastic SAA flight specials. Travel in comfort for less, and get to where you’re going and back again safely, comfortably and on time. Trust SAA to provide you with the most competitive airfares available on the market today, and enjoy more value and buying power for your money.

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There is no reason to pay more for your air travel than necessary. South African Airways’ low cost carrier, Mango Airlines, is also available to service the most popular domestic and regional routes. Thanks to their large industry presence, SAA specials abound, and they remain committed to providing their passengers with the best value for money and cheap flights.

Whether you choose to fly with SAA or with Mango Airlines, you will never be at a loss for some fantastic specials on flights. Thanks to these great promotions and amazing deals, more South Africans than ever can now partake in and benefit from the air travel industry.

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