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Flights from Cape Town to Windhoek


Cheap Flights to Windhoek from Cape Town

Flights from Cape Town to Windhoek start around R1599.00, depending on the time of the year and demand. You depart from the Cape Town International Airport and land at Hosea Kutako International Airport, which is the busiest Windhoek airport. Your flight covers around 1278kms and will take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The international route has daily direct flights on offer for all passengers. You can book your ticket with Airlink, which is one of South Africa’s trusted airlines. There are also single and multi-stop flights if you want to use Johannesburg as a pit stop.


Affordable Flight to Windhoek from Cape Town

The direct flight is perfect for all travellers thanks to its length and the fact that flights are available on a daily basis.

If you’re travelling for business, you can fly there and back in a single day without disrupting the next day’s plans. If you’re visiting for leisure, you don’t have to wait too long to get the fun started.

You can expect excellent service from Airlink during the entirety of your ride, getting you in good spirits even before you land in Windhoek.


Cheapest Cape Town to Windhoek Flights

Domestic Flights South Africa has helped many travellers find cheap flights to Namibia’s Windhoek. You can also find a cheap flight with seconds right here.



​Popular Flights from Cape Town to Windhoek

In addition to choosing from the above cheap flights from Cape Town to Namibia’s Windhoek, you can pick from the following popular flights.


British Airways flights from Cape Town to Windhoek from R1999.00
Airlink flights from Cape Town to Windhoekfrom R1599.00


Which Day Is The Cheapest Flight From Cape Town to Windhoek?

Wednesday is the cheapest day to catch a flight from Cape Town to Windhoek, with Tuesday  being a great second choice. In contrast, Monday and  Friday are the most expensive days to fly up from Cape Town to Windhoek.


Which Month Is the Cheapest to Catch Flights from Cape Town to Windhoek?

The cheapest months to catch flights to Namibia from Cape Town are January, February and September with prices being as low as R1599.00. On the other hand, the most expensive months are June, July and December with tickets costing as much as R3499.00 during peak season.


flights from cape town to windhoek


Things to Do in Windhoek

  • Heroes’ Acre – This landmark serves as a memorial for all the soldiers who died during Namibia’s struggle for independence, with an imposing statue being the centrepiece.
  • Independence Memorial Museum – Learn more about Namibia’s national liberation struggle and see the Sam Nujoma and Genocide statues. From the top floor, you also get to enjoy scenic views of parts of the city.
  • Daan Viljoen Game Reserve – Here you can see a variety of indigenous mammals and bird species. This is a remarkable attraction if you have a day or more to spare, and you can explore it on foot as there are no predators around.
  • Namibia Craft Center – Support local artists by purchasing authentic souvenirs to serve as a reminder of your visit. You can also get a taste of fresh Namibian food from the craft’s restaurant.
  • Market shopping – While Windhoek has several malls, you can pick up some more unique handcrafted products from the market. These include paintings, jewellery, bags, and more.
  • National Botanic Garden of Namibia – Unlike the conventional botanic garden with colourful and vibrant flora, the garden exists mostly in its natural state. It’s also a great place for birdwatch as dozens of bird species can be seen here
  • Zoo Park – This public park isn’t much of an attraction but it’s a great stop if you’re travelling with kids. It has a children’s playground and is a great peaceful area to have a picnic
  • Christuskirche – The “Christ Church” is one of the city’s top attractions thanks to its Art Nouveau architectural style. You can stop and admire its beauty or book a guided tour to learn about its history


Best Time to Visit Windhoek

The bustling Namibian capital always has something worthwhile happening. It has a rich culture and history, incredible nature, fantastic cuisine, and architectural wonders. This means that there’s never a bad time to hop on flights to Namibia from Cape Town.

However, there are times that may be more favourable for you over others during your Windhoek visit. This depends on whether you’d rather avoid crowds or prefer to visit the city when the weather is perfect.


Peak Season

Peak season in Windhoek correlates with the city’s cold season, making it the best time to visit thanks to pleasant weather. This is generally between late May and late July, with the heat usually peaking at 22°C.

Rain normally isn’t a problem as the chance of precipitation is incredibly low. Remember to bring warm clothes so you can layer up when it’s colder.

Peak season is also the period when Cape Town to Namibia flights prices are at their highest and the city is busiest. This means you’ll have to fork out more than you would during other periods and cheap flight tickets are scarcer. Accommodation costs are also generally higher at this time.


Low Season

The low season for visiting Windhoek also coincides with the hottest period in the city. Between late September and early January, the weather can be unbearably hot and rainy. Temperatures usually peak at 31°C and have the highest chances of precipitation.

The low season is the best time to go to Windhoek if you prefer a less touristy trip. It’s also the ideal period to get the best deals on flight tickets. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen, umbrella, and stay hydrated.

Country : South Africa
Currency : South African Rand (ZAR)
Windhoek Airport : Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH)
Timezone : GMT+2
Airport Website

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