How to Get Cheaper Flights

Among the biggest mistakes that travellers can make is to pay the full price for a plane ticket. With just a few simplistic tips, and you can avail of a far cheaper ticket.


How to Find Cheaper Flights

Here are two of the most important things that every shopper for an airfare ought to do:

#1. Compare airlines

And why make the effort to do this? There’s no one airline that will always offer the best price. If you do not take the time to make a comparison of airfare prices – merely takes a few minutes – it’s possible, even probable, that you’ll be paying an excess for your ticket.

#2. Signup to our newsletter

If you’re aware of where it is you wish to go to (and, of course, you should be aware), and you have a rough idea about the travel dates, then signup to our newsletter. This takes a few seconds to do, after which, the deals will wing it to your e-mail’s inbox. And, when you do see a good deal, it’s very wise to act fast! After all, other people will have set the exact same alerts, and so cheap seats are always going to be in limited supply.


Which Days are the Cheapest to Fly?

In general, for domestic flights, irrespective of which country you’re flying in, there are basic rules as to the cheapest days, though there are some exceptions which is a good reason why you should compare fares, and also compare fares that apply to different days and different times.

The cheapest days for flying are the least popular days for flying: That is, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and also, would you believe, Saturdays.

The most expensive days for flying are, conversely so, the most popular days, which is inclusive of Fridays and Sundays.

And the cheapest times for flying are precisely those times that most people prefer to avoid. Namely: Dawn flights; overnight flights; flights that depart around dinner time – early evening.

If you’re unable to fly on the cheapest days or at the cheapest times in both directions, then you can simply choose the cheapest alternative for one leg as opposed to two. At least you’ll avail of one cheap flight.


The Optimal Time to Purchase an Airline Ticket

This really depends on which country you are in, but the rule here is to snap up a flight at the time that airlines are releasing the most sales. And that’s the time when the competition strives to match the lower pricing, so there are more deals from which to choose.

In some countries, this occurs around mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, though this can vary, depending on your location.

When should you begin and end shopping for a cheap flight?

If you leave it too late, it’s very possible you’ll suffer the consequences of steep pricing which are set to catch the last-minute business travellers. On the other hand, however, if you shop too early, that can also cost more.

For domestic tickets, the best time to make your purchase is someplace between three months and one month prior to departure – 90 to 30 days.

For international fares, the best time to buy is between 5.5 months and 1.5 months prior to your departure. In terms of peak season, which includes June, July, August, and December at the time of the holiday season, aim to make your purchase with two months to spare.


Some Inconvenience Can Save a Lot of Money

Being flexible with respect to your travel plans, and putting up with some level of inconvenience can potentially save you a fair bit on a flight.

Go for connecting flights, since there are very often better deals to be had on these flights rather than on non-stop flights. By adding in a stop or even two, you can save as much as 50 percent.

Go for bigger airports, particularly the hubs, as these frequently offer cheaper airfares. So, make comparisons between the airport that is nearest to your location and a larger airport that may be a bit of a distance away and you could find that the car or train journey is well worth it from the point of view of saving money.


Cheaper Flights for More than One

Just shop for a solo ticket at a time as there’s something that may be described as a “quirk” in flight reservation systems which means that multiple tickets that are sold within a single transaction will be priced the same. Thus, you can save money by shopping for a single ticket at a time.

As an example of this, say that an airline has one ticket left available that’s selling for R850. And all other seats on the same flight are selling for R1700. If you were to shop for two or multiple tickets simultaneously, you’ll end up paying R1700 for all of your tickets. So by making separate transactions, you’ll get that last ticket that’s priced at R850.