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How to book flights

  1.     Enter your departure city, arrival destination, and travel dates and search.
  2.     Select the flight option most suited to your schedule and budget.
  3.     Insert the correct passenger details according to passport / ID book.
  4.     Opt to purchase rebookable flights, baggage or travel insurance.
  5.     Select your preferred payment method.
  6.     Once payment is received, you will receive booking confirmation via email.


How do I retrieve my flight ticket?

Once you have made payment, you will receive an e-ticket via email which your booking reference number.

Are prices different if I book early?

Flight prices tend to increase one to two weeks before departure, so time is of the essence. During holiday and peak seasons, it is advisable to book your airfares six weeks in advance to avoid any unnecessary cost. When booking international flights, to avoid disappointment, it’s best to book flights even earlier, up to 6 months in advance. Airlines also lower the flight prices during months where destinations see a lower volume of visitors.

When do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Once you have booked and made payments, you will receive your booking confirmation via email with your e-ticket. Final confirmation is in the form of your e-ticket.

What is the difference between a direct flight, a non-stop flight and a flight with a connection?

A connecting flight means that you have to leave the aircraft to get to another aircraft until you reach your destination. The non-stop flight takes you to your destination with no stops along the way. Direct flights, will also take you to your destination, but you can stop elsewhere without leaving the aircraft.

Do I have enough connection time between my flights?

Any connections provided through our booking portal, are guaranteed to supply you with enough time to connect from one flight to another.
Distances between gates fluctuate vastly from airport to airport. Arriving at the gates on time is your responsibility.
But wait what if you booked separate tickets?
Then the airline will not warranty that the connection times are sufficient, or that you will be taken care off in the case of the delay.

How do I add additional baggage to my booking?

You can do this directly on your airlines websites by using your airline/check in reference displayed on your e-ticket.

Where can I put in my frequent flyer number?

To add your regular flyer quantity to your booking, please contact us or send through an email with your booking reference to

What amount of luggage can I take on my flight?

Always check your ticket and check in with the airline if you are not sure. The rules always differ between destinations and airlines. Your confirmation email should offer you more information on the amount of luggage you can bring.

Can you assist me with visa information?

Unfortunately, we do not assist with visa information or acquiring your visa. Please consult directly with the correct consulate of your destination for more information.

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