Book Mango Flights & Enjoy the Best Sundowner Spots Across SA

Africa is known for its intense sunsets. The golden sun melting in the sky, creating romantic silhouettes before it dips into the ocean, disappears behind the mountains or falls off the rolling landscapes…this is the typical African sunset. And yet there is nothing typical about it. Every African sunset is more beautiful than the last and while they have all the same elements, not one is the same.

Do you feel like you’ve been missing out on the beauty of these sunsets? The good news is that with cheap Mango flights, you can book yourself on the next flight out to enjoy some of the best sunset sundowner spots across SA.

If you’re looking for a true, authentic sun-down experience, here’s where you should to head to in South Africa. And worry not, with cheap tickets available on many SA Airlines flights, you can probably enjoy each and every one of these spots, without breaking the bank!

Not sure where to head to? Here’s a bit of travel inspiration for you.

A Crisp Cold Beverage & an Amazing Sunset… What Could be Better?

When somepeople think of a sundowner, they picture a crisp cold beer,shared at their local bar, but the only sundowner in this picture is the screensaver is the one on your phone! When in Africa you need to put a true African sundowner spin on the experience. Why have a sundowner if you’re not gazing out or over the sun going down?

The Best Cape Town Sunset and Sundowner Spot

Who says you have to spend extra money on drinks at a bar to enjoy a sundowner in Cape Town? You can say a humble farewell to the sun at the very tip top of Paarl Rock. Pack a snack and a drink, drive through the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve and head towards Paarl Rock. This one is certainly for the daring. Drive along a single dirt lane as far as you can go and then climb to the very top of Paarl Rock. Here you can watch the sun set over the winelands below. Enjoy the panoramic view and know that you have seen one of the most stunning sunsets in the Cape.

Durban’s Best Sunset and Sundowner Spot

This one is not off the beaten track, in fact, it’s in the city…Roma Revolving Restaurant. As the name suggests, the restaurant revolves, which means you get the best possible view from the top of the building that the restaurant is nestled in. Roma Revolving Restaurant is an icon in Durban that has clung to the decor and traditions of years-gone-by. You could not have a better view of the sunset while enjoying a delicious Italian meal or sipping on your favourite beverage.

Joburg’s Favourite Sunset and Sundowner Spot

If you are up for a little bit of adventure, this one is for you. Northcliff Water Tower is one of the highest locations in Johannesburg. You can see as far as the Magaliesberg Mountain and you are guaranteed to enjoy some of Gauteng’s best sunsets right here. The area is neat and clean and designed for picnics, so bring your snacks and drinks, sit back and watch the sun set!

Nelspruit Sunset and Sundowner Spots

A scenic two hour drive from Neslpruitwill take you to Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world, and as far as Saffers are concerned – the most picturesque! Here you will experience sunsets that will make your jaw drop and your heart melt. While there’s not much in terms of shops or hustle and bustle near the canyon, you will be thoroughly mesmerised by the natural beauty that you will find here. There are various small country restaurants and bars around for you to visit once you have had your fill of the sunset.

South Africa is Home to the World’s Most Beautiful Sunsets

Perhaps South Africans are biased, but there is little doubt most of us feel that the sunsets in our country are the best in the world. Booking a cheap Mango flight, or a ticket on any of the other leading SA Airlines just to sun-stalk across South Africa is a completely warranted hobby/activity. We think so, at least!

While we have covered just a few of the sunset and sundowner spots across South Africa, we are aware that there are so many more. If you have experienced a gorgeous sunset sundowner spot, let us know! We’d love to visit it too.