Durban Money and Costs

A fantastic trip to Durban is something that will linger long in the memory but how much will it cost you? The truth is that a trip to this thrilling city by the Indian Ocean doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.

The following are some of the basic costs that you should think about when booking your flights and working out your budget for a trip to beautiful Durban?

Taxis and Public Transport

The warm climate and pretty beaches mean that you are probably going to do a bit of walking while you are in Durban. Having said that, you will also want to be aware of the cost of getting around in other ways.

Taxis are reasonably priced here. A good example of this comes with the cost of R230 or so for a trip from the Durban International Airport to uShaka Marine World.

If you prefer to use Uber then you will be pleased to see that this service is available in Durban and is often cheaper than regular taxis.

Public transport options in Durban include a fairly comprehensive bus service. The buses here have had a reputation for being unreliable in the past but efforts have been made to improve the services.

A day pass with the People Mover service costs R14 and is a good value of getting around.

Many locals use the minibus taxis known as kombis. These vehicles offer a cheap way of getting around and they stop anywhere on their routes that you ask them to.

Some visitors might find the buses and kombis here to be a bit cramped and chaotic for their liking. On the other hand, other tourists enjoy the authentic experience and the convenience that they provide.

Durban Restaurant Costs

Durban City

Eating out in Durban is pretty inexpensive in general. The cheapest options are generally to be found in the fast food restaurants, where a combo meal will cost you around R50.

A cheap restaurant will usually charge around R100 for a meal.  Alternatively, in a mid-priced eatery you will be looking at paying around R400 or thereabouts.

The best restaurants in the city will charge you around the R600 to R700 mark for a top quality meal in a fine setting. Durban is an especially good city for eating street food in, which will help to keep your food budget low.

Durban Shopping Costs

Shopping is just one of many interesting activities worth doing in this exciting city.  The Musgrave Centre, the Workshop Shopping Centre and the Victoria Street Market are among the best places to do some shopping here.

The fact that the city has a broad mixture of malls, stores and markets means that it offers a highly varied shopping experience that you can tailor to your own tastes.

It is possible to shop cheaply here or else to spend a big budget on luxury goods. A good example of a place to look for bargains is in the downtown Indian district, where a thriving atmosphere helps to make it a very special place to shop.

In terms of quality malls, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga is a great spot for finding all sorts of products and also for entertainment purposes.

Tours and Other Activities

No trip Durban is truly complete without some fascinating tours of the city and the surrounding area. A city tour on a Richksa Bus will get you started for just R100.

The idea of heading off on a safari to see the Big Five animals here is very tempting. There are a number of tour operators that offer the chance to go on a thrilling trip like this.

You will probably pay around R2000 to go off on a safari day trip and it will definitely be worth the price.

The same sort of cost will get you a day trip to Lesotho and Sani Pass, making for a memorable day out before you head back to Durban.

Another type of tour you can try here is a guided city tour. The price for this can range from R400 to up to R1000.

Durban is a city that has something for everyone and a trip here is never going to disappoint you. You can get started on arranging the trip of a lifetime for finding the cheapest flights to Durban online right now.

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