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Skywise Airlines

Skywise Airlines, South Africa’s newest low-cost airline to take to the skies did so on 5th March 2015 aiming with plus/minus 50 weekly flights to and from Johannesburg to Cape Town with plans to expand over the next three months with flights between Durban and Johannesburg and Durban and Cape Town. Exciting news for South Africans, this new airline is going to get competition in low-cost flying to an all time high! Independently owned, the objective of Skywise is to be South Africa’s most popular low-cost airline and combined with their ‘Less is More’ attitude, provide inexpensive, affordable airfares enabling all South Africans to attain their dream of flying or being the perfect cost effective solution when someone urgently needs to be somewhere else in a hurry. With a strong focus on service SkywiseAirlines cover every aspect from efficient, friendly, well informed ground staff to make you feel welcome and highly trained flight crew to see to your every need on-board and not forgetting their dedicated, experienced pilots getting you safely to your destination.

Skywise Flights Contact Information

Customer Support: (0) 861 989 895 or (0) 861 911 435 Reservations: +27 (0) 861 989 895 or (0) 861 911 435 or [email protected] Johannesburg Contact Number: +27 (0) 117 84 39 83 Cape Town Contact Number: +27 (0) 219 362 411

Skywise Airline Baggage Restrictions

Passengers are permitted 20kg checked baggage and one item of hand luggage no more than 5kg which must fit into the overhead locker. Any sporting equipment must be included in the checked baggage allowance of 20kg. Any excess baggage will incur a fee of R25 for every extra kilogram of weight. Hazardous items are not permitted to be transported in baggage, some of which include, but are not limited to: poisons, corrosives, firearms and explosives, flammable goods and gas cylinders. Items of a perilous nature that could be construed as weapons are not allowed on board and include but are not limited to: knives of any form, toy guns, blades, nail clippers, pocket combination tool kits, cutlery, scissors and syringes. No live animals will be transported on-board or as checked baggage with the only exception being a registered, trained guide dog accompanying a visually impaired passenger which is restricted to one trained guide dog per flight.

Damaged or Lost Baggage

Ensure your baggage is properly secured for the protection of its contents as the airline will not be held liable or pay any compensation for damaged items that protrude from baggage including damaged wheels, zips, handles or general wear and tear. Claims for damaged or missing baggage must be reported to the airline within 24 hours of the arrival of your flight. The airline will reimburse passengers for lost baggage not exceeding USD 20 per kg of checked-in baggage but delayed baggage will not be receive compensation. Skywise reserve the right to track missing baggage for a period of 14 days from the time of the reported loss. The airline will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to valuable objects such as jewellery, electronic items, cell phones, laptops, fragile and perishable goods packed in your baggage, spectacles and sunglasses.

On-Board Meals and Beverage

Soft and alcoholic drinks plus snacks are available for purchase on board flights but any alcoholic beverages brought on-board by a travellers may not be consumed during the flight.

Special Needs Passengers

Accommodation is made for passengers requiring special assistance in accordance with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations which allow Skywise only two special needs passengers per flight. Special needs passengers that are incapable of climbing up or down the steps of the aircraft will be transported on selected flights only. Special needs passengers must book their flight via the call centre and inform staff of their special need for the required arrangements to be made. Prior arrangements must be made if the passenger requires a wheelchair for use inside the terminal and to and from the aircraft. If the passenger is unable to ascend or descend the stairway with assistance, for an additional fee, a passenger aid unit will be provided. Special needs passengers who have not made prior arrangements may be not be allowed to board the flight.

Pregnant Mothers

Mothers to be that are between 28 weeks and 35 weeks into their pregnancy must provide a medical certificate certifying that they’re fit and healthy enough to fly and which must be given to the Skywise agent when checking in. Pregnant mothers that are more than 36 weeks into their term will not be accepted for travel.

Infants and Children

Infants younger than two years may travel for free with Skywise if they’re sitting on an adult’s lap and each adult may have one infant on their lap. An adult older than 16 years of age must accompany a child under the age of 12 years, taking full responsibility for that child.

Skywise Fleet

Skywise Airlines are flying two Boeing 737s short to medium range narrow-body airliners chosen for their inexpensive capital cost and excellent fuel efficiency capabilities.