Turkish Airlines Introduces Direct Flights from Cape Town to Istanbul

It’s now official – Turkish Airlines has launched direct flights which will travel between two of the world’s most enchanting cities – Cape Town and Istanbul.

Given the increased demand for direct flights between Cape Town and Istanbul, the Turkish capital, Turkish Airlines have stated that the flights will begin from Monday, October 26, 2015.

Travellers who wish to explore the Hagia Sophia, the Turkish Basilica Cistern, the Goreme Fairy Chimneys, or the Grand Bazaar, are now in a position to choose from flights which travel seven times weekly either from South Africa or Turkey.

Istanbul to Cape Town – Flight TK 044

  • Departure Time: 01:15
  • Arrival Time: 12:50

Cape Town to Istanbul – Flight TK 045

  • Departure Time: 18:00
  • Arrival Time: 05:00

A member of Star Alliance, Turkish Airlines currently boasts a fleet of some 261 aircraft, and in terms of the number of destinations it flies to (266 destinations in 110 countries), is the fourth-largest carrier in the world.

Within Africa, the airline travels to 43 destinations, among which, Cape Town is now included.

Not long ago, Turkish Airlines announced its intention for a flight route between Durban and Istanbul, which will travel via Johannesburg. The inaugural flight will take place in November this year.

Last week, FNB together with Turkish Airlines personnel, hosted a launch party in Cape Town’s tallest building – the Portside Tower in the city’s central business district – to introduce the direct flights. Patricia De Lille, Cape Town’s Mayor, welcomed the new route, and said that it will link two of the world’s most beautiful cities and provides far easier access between the two sunny destinations.

Turkish Airlines’ General Manager of the Cape Town branch, Kenan Ince, explained that Cape Town is already a first class destination for worldwide travellers. He stated that even though Johannesburg is the corporate hub within the country, Cape Town’s beauty still entices travellers in ever-growing numbers.

South Africans who wish to visit Turkey for business or pleasure can do so with ease given that entry visas are free-of-charge. To obtain the necessary travel visa, you can utilize e-visa online facilities or receive the visa upon your arrival in Turkey.