cruisesHave you ever wondered why so many people return home raving about their latest all-inclusive cruise experience? If you are among the millions of South Africans considering their first cruise, but haven’t taken the first step yet, then consider the information in this article as to why a cruise is the perfect vacation for families, couples, retirees and adventure seekers of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Cruise Vacations Offer Exceptional Value

You will be hard pressed to find another holiday offering that offers as great value as cruises do. They offer fantastic value, as cruise fares include nearly everything you will need for a memorable trip: accommodation, food and entertainment, as well as transportation between travel destinations. There are frequent cruise specials on mainstream cruise lines including Royal Caribbean International and MSC Cruises at incredibly competitive rates. These cruise rates are astoundingly affordable when you consider that you receive all the abovementioned packages included in the deal. In search of luxury? Many upscale lines offer even more inclusive packages and superior luxury accommodation on board their cruise ships.

  1. Experience Multiple Destinations, Unpack Only Once

If travel makes you weary because of all the packing and unpacking and having to settle into new accommodations throughout your multipronged trip, then a cruise is an even better option. On a cruise, you only have to unpack once on your floating hotel as it transports you from city to city, or island to island, and port to port. Settle into your accommodation and rest assured that every morning you will wake up in a new place, but you will still be surrounded by your own familiar surroundings.

  1. Cruise Ships Offer Family Friendly Holidays

Struggling to think of a vacation idea the entire family will enjoy? Cruises are designed to appeal to every member of the family – from tots to teens and grandparents to grandkids. A family cruise is fun for all ages. There are activities for 5 to 10 year olds, teens to young adults, and even dedicated activities and entertainment for seniors and babysitting facilities. Parent-friendly pools and bars and other cool age-appropriate hangouts for everyone else in between ensure that every member of the family will have a great time. Lots of family-oriented activities ensure that you will have many opportunities to make wonderful and lifelong memories.

Do’s and Don’ts On Cruises

Seasoned cruisers often have embarkation day routines. Some make a beeline for the poolside bar, while others head to the buffet straight after unpacking. Others like to explore the ship and post all their experiences on social media, while some choose to settle into their accommodation before anything else. If you are a first-time cruiser, there are a few dos and don’ts that can help you get your cruise off to a great start.

Dos Of Cruise Travel

  • Do start your vacation off with a tropical drink at the poolside bar, with the quintessential umbrella poking out at the side to get into the holiday spirit;
  • Do tour the ship and get your bearings – identify which eateries and bars to hit first, which are family friendly and which restaurants are perfect for a romantic getaway with your one and only;
  • Do bring nice clothes for dinners. Yes, you’re on a cruise, but there will be times that you want to fancy it up and have a great night out in something other than flip flops and shorts; and
  • Do check out the daily events. There is seriously something for every taste, whether it’s dance classes, stand up comedy shows or bingo or anything in between, you might as well enjoy all the activities available to you.


Don’ts Of Cruise Travel

  • Don’t be tardy. If you are flying or driving in from afar to make your cruise, it’s probably best to come in the night before. If you are late arriving for your ship’s departure, it is exactly like the Rolling Stones said about time, this ship waits for no one;
  • Don’t forget your passport. You might not be leaving via an airport, but you will still need to apply the same travel regulations;
  • Don’t miss breakfast. It’s perhaps the best meal served all day at the buffet, plus breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you aren’t hungry it will give you lots of energy during the day to take in all the exciting activities and experiences to be had;
  • Don’t forget to take in the midnight stars! There is nothing like finding a quiet spot and stargazing with a loved one and taking in the majestic and vast night sky over the sea.


Popular Cruise Providers

If you are looking for great cruise specials, you’ll do well to look at the popular cruise providers. There are so many to choose from, but a few stand out. With larger cruise providers, you can look forward to a world-class experience while enjoying excellent value for money. The first is MSC Cruises. This provider is a Swiss-based global cruise company headquartered in Geneva and Naples. They are the world’s largest privately owned cruise company and employs 15,500 people around the world. Look forward to a holiday steeped in exoticism, luxury, escapism and style with MSC Cruises. Azamar Club Cruises is another large cruise provider offering itineraries in Europe, South Africa, Asia and the West Indies. They offer inclusive amenities like wine with dinner and concierge, and their smaller vessels also offer more personalised service. The cruise also overnights in select ports for a more immersive experience for all passengers. If you are looking for amazing cruise specials to some of the most sought-after destinations in the world, then Royal Caribbean International is the cruise provider you’ve been searching for. This industry leader makes it easier than ever to explore Europe and experience Australia, with everything in between. These are only a few of the many big players in the cruise industry. If you are after an affordable and all-inclusive family holiday experience, then a cruise is definitely a great option. Book your cruise with any of the world-class and leading cruise operators, opening the world to travellers from all walks of life.