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Cheap Flights to Libreville

  • Area Codes             : 241
  • Currency                 : Franc (XAF)
  • Population City        : 703,904 (2013)
  • Official Language    : French
  • Time Zone               : WAT (UTC+1)
  • Airport                      : ‘Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport’ (LBV)

Built in the 1950s, LBV is the country’s main and largest airport situated approximately 11km north of Libreville. Passengers without hotel shuttle services can hire taxies or vehicles from Europcar, Avis and others.

From Johannesburg, South Africa, travellers can fly with the following airlines to LBV:

Additional airlines flying to LBV include:

  • Afrijet
  • Air Cote D’Ivoire
  • Delta Air Lines
  • TAAG
  • TAP Portugal

Reasons to Visit Libreville, Gabon:

  • Largest city and capital to Gabon, Libreville spreads itself out from the Atlantic Ocean with the Komo River flowing through it towards the sea. The Mpongwé tribe lived in the area long before it was acquired by the French in 1839. During the Battle of Gabon in 1940, Libreville’s port was a pivotal hub and today is the country’s primary port.
  • With lush vegetation it’s an attractive city and the pulsating heart of Gabon. It offers a superb variety of extravagant and affordable hotels and excellent eateries; clean streets; beautiful villas, historical monuments, bustling street markets, heavenly beaches, nature and wildlife parks and neighbourhoods for exploring, particularly Quartier Louis for the best nightlife.
  • Start the day with an early morning stroll or bicycle ride along Seaside Boulevard, along the ocean, chill on a bench under a tree, view sculptures and visit the mini-park. A definite meander must be taken along Boulevard Triomphal with hotels and restaurants and key building landmarks like the splendidly designed Ministry of Mines and Petrol, one of the city’s most photographed buildings and the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, fast becoming a popular tourist attraction.

When to Visit Libreville, Gabon:
Temperatures hardly change throughout the year with averages of between 30 to 32°C. A good time to go is from January to July (excluding March) and November. January and February are hot but February has 20 plus days of rain and in March, temperatures climb to 35°C with rain. From April to July there’s monthly rainfall of about 20mm and highs of 33°C. August and October are not ideal with rain but November is still good with highs at 31°C, compared to December at 34°C.
Places to Visit Libreville, Gabon:

  • The L’Eglise St Michael is a major landmark displaying 31 extraordinarily carved wooden columns, done by a blind man it’s said.
  • Stand in awe as you gaze at the Palais Presidentiel and can only imagine what it’s like inside, as visitors are not permitted inside. It’s located in the centre of the city and was built in the 1970s.
  • Arboretum de Sibang, 5km from the city is a well-looked-after rainforest park that offers guided tours and an experience of wild Africa.
  • Go for the day or stay over in a lodge or private villa at Pointe Denis Beach, clean and beautiful with white sands, palm trees and a crystal clear ocean and only 30 minutes away by boat taxi.
  • The city has three museums: the National Museum of Arts and Traditions located at Boulevard Triomphal. The Gabon National Museum and the French Cultural Centre, a venue for musicals and festivals, recitals, exhibits and conferences.
  • St Marie’s Cathedral, built in 1864 is the west coast of Africa’s oldest cathedral.
  • The beautiful Lopé National Park made up mostly of rain forest affords accommodation, forest hikes, 4x4s and when the water’s low, boat safaris. Catching a glimpse of a gorilla may require staying a few days. Take the train or drive there.
  • The 540m² Akanda National Park is a must for ‘birders’ with a huge population of bird species, specifically migratory birds but it’s also ideal for water sports, a little fishing, dolphin and whale watching.
  • Experience a colourful and hectic shopping experience at Marche du Mont-Bouet, the main market in Mont-Bouët that’s always crowded so be aware of losing personal items.
  • Make reservations for a splendid seafood meal at Chez Marie Qui Fait Chaud; La Dolce Vita in Port Môle is a local favourite with a fabulous bar, great specials, friendly staff and delectable pizzas, pastas and seafood, especially the skewered prawns, grilled to perfection over a wood fire. Stop for breakfast or brunch at La Parisienne café, sit inside or outside.

Getting Around Libreville:
There are buses and minibuses but the quickest and most reliable way is by taxi or in a hired vehicle
‘National Taxis’ operate throughout the city with each area having its own distinct colour, Libreville’s being red.
Car Rentals:
Rentals can be made from numerous companies that include Avis and Europcar.  A 4×4 may be required if travelling outside the city.