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Cheap Flights to Zimbabwe

Even though Zimbabwe’s capital city isn’t as touristy as Victoria Falls, it still provides something for everyone. Book cheap flights to Harare and experience to true hospitable nature of this peace-loving country in a world class city. From inspiring cultural sights to exciting mini-safaris, you will never be at a loss as to what to do while visiting Harare, Zimbabwe.

When booking your cheap flights from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe, you will certainly miss out if you don’t see anything else other than Harare’s city centre. There is simply so much more to this city than the traffic filled streets of the city centre. When visiting this eclectic and metropolitan city, a car is perhaps your best way to get around.

There are many more car rental agencies available in Harare than there were a few years ago, so getting a good quality and reliable rental shouldn’t be much problem. Alternatively, there are also many taxi services that you can use to get around safely.


Popular flights to Zimbabwe from South Africa


Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Johannesburg 3 Aug 7 Aug South African Airways R2,629
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Johannesburg 16 Jun 30 Jun Airlink R2,899
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Bulawayo 9 Jun 13 Jun Fastjet Airlines R3,099
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Gaborone 5 Jun 10 Jun Air Botswana R3,099
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Lusaka 20 Jun 23 Jun Qatar Airways R3,639
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Durban 30 May 16 Jun Airlink R3,699
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Cape Town 9 Jun 19 Jun Airlink R3,999
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Durban 13 Jun 20 Jun South African Airways R4,049
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Lusaka 23 Jun 30 Jun Kenya Airways R4,069
Flights to Harare (Zimbabwe) from Victoria Falls 30 May 3 Jun Fastjet Airlines R4,129
Prices based on live searches up till 26 May 05:00 and are subject to change.


Cheapest Flights To Harare From Johannesburg & Cape Town

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Fly With Cheap Flights From Johannesburg To Harare:

If you book your stay at a hotel or a lodge, you can also make use of their reliable transport services to get to all the exciting activities and destinations you have planned. It is easy to visit the sights on your own, however, as all the hot tourist destinations are greatly signposted and rather self-explanatory.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatly exciting activities you can fill your time up with, and that will help you get the most value from your cheap flight to Harare.

Domboshava – The Red Rock:

Domboshava translates to The Red Rock, is a granite hill on the outskirts of Harare. It is a popular place for visitors to enjoy sundowners, and an easy walk to the top that isn’t too strenuous. It is a fantastic spot to enjoy a picnic, offering excellent views of the city. For a small entrance feel you can also follow the hand painted arrows on the rocks and stop to take in the views of rock paintings in the cave first.

The Chapungu Village:

A motley collection of old railway houses, these converted shops now sell wares from local craftspeople. It is a lovely way to see the different types of craft products that make up this city’s culture, all in one location. Monkeys are common visitors, and they also intrigue and entertain visitors to the area.

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