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Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay

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Are you looking for cheap flights to Walvis Bay, Namibia? Then you’ve come to the right place. Domestic Flights SA offers a range of flights from affordable carriers, making it seamless and simple to book a plane ticket in just a few clicks.

Walvis Bay is a great holiday destination if you’re a fan of the outdoors. This small town in Namibia boasts magnificent desert dunes, stunning natural landscapes, and impressive marine life. Tourists and locals alike adore the sightseeing activities on offer in Walvis Bay.


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Why Visit Walvis Bay?

If you need a reason to visit Walvis Bay, there are loads of them! Walvis Bay is a coastal town, which means you’ll be treated to beautiful views, sightseeing spots, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained.



Walvis Bay Whale-watching

You may not know this, but Walvis Bay means Whale Bay. Expect an abundance of whale-watching tours to choose from during your trip to this Namibian town. You can spot multiple species in the harbour, including the famous humpback whale. The waters are prime whale-watching territory all year round.

Simply head out to the harbour, and you’ll see a plethora of catamarans and tour guides just waiting to take you on an adventure. You can also spot dolphins and seals while you explore the harbour.


Rolling Sand Dunes

If you’re a travel photographer, you’ll be in heaven in Walvis Bay. The Namib desert may be dry and arid, but it’s truly a wonder to behold. The golden sand spilling over the hills will take your breath away, and there are some fantastic adventure tours you can take to explore them.

You can even take your own car or rent a 4X4 for a thrilling off-road safari into this intriguing desert landscape.


Flocks of Flamingos

The birdlife in Walvis Bay is abundant, and you can see thousands of flamingos there. If you’ve never seen these exotic birds before, they’re wonderful to look at. You can spot these bright pink birds at the Walvis Bay Lagoon, as well as pelicans and other migrant bird species.

If you enjoy bird-watching, you’ll adore Walvis Bay Lagoon.

Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay

How much are flights to Walvis Bay?



Where Do you Find Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay From Johannesburg & CPT?

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Flight Times to Walvis Bay, Namibia

If you’re wondering how long your trip will take, fret not. Flying to Walvis Bay from South Africa is relatively quick, so you won’t be on board for long. You can see the flight durations from some popular cities in South Africa below.

  • Flights from OR Tambo Johannesburg to Walvis Bay: 2h 25m duration
  • Flights from Cape Town to Walvis Bay: 2h 15m duration

With such short flights from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay, you’ll have plenty of energy to explore once you land. The shorter the flight, the more time you get to discover the town from day one of your vacation!


Flight to Walvis Bay: What to Expect

All of our flights come from reputable airlines that offer stellar in-flight services. You can trust the airline staff to provide everything you need during the flight, including in-flight magazines, snacks, and beverages under standard conditions.


Things to Do in Walvis Bay




There are some wonderful activities for you to try out in Walvis Bay, from laid back sightseeing to thrill-seeking adventures. Whether you’re outdoorsy or not, you’ll find plenty to do and see in this cool and coastal town.


  • Kayaking and canoeing – head to Walvis Bay Harbour for some fun watersports the whole family can enjoy.
  • Salt Works – take a look at the largest producer of solar sea salt in the entire sub-Saharan Africa. The colours of the salt pans are magnificent to see.
  • Walvis Bay Museum – learn more about the history and culture of Walvis Bay.
  • Dune 7 – standing over 380 meters high, Dune 7 is the highest sand dune in Namibia.
  • Port of Walvis Bay – Namibia’s principal port, Port of Walvis Bay, is a beautiful spot to watch the ships pass by and catch a sunset view.
  • Bird Island – check out the thousands of migrant water birds gathering here each day.
  • Sandwich Harbour – visit the gorgeous lagoon on the southern end of Walvis Bay.
  • Day trip to Swakopmund – check out the stunning beaches in this resort town thirty minutes outside of Walvis Bay. You’ll love the scenic drive along the way.
  • Walvis Bay Lagoon – see incredible flamingos, pelicans, and avocets at this tranquil lagoon.
  • Safaris – venture into the desert to discover the gorgeous natural landscapes of Namibia.


Book Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay Today!

Whether you’re touring the sand dunes or lazing on a catamaran deck with a glass of wine, Walvis Bay is a lovely travel spot for people of all tastes and preferences. We’ve got you covered with cheap flights to Walvis Bay to help make your holiday plans a reality.

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