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Cheap Flights to Nouakchott, Mauritania

  • Area (total)                         : 1,000km² (488 sq mi)
  • Area Code                         : (+222) 529
  • Currency             : Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRO)
  • Population (total) : 958,399 (2013)
  • Official Language             : Modern Standard Arabic. French, Pulaar, Wolof
  • Time Zone             : UTC+0
  • Airport : Nouakchott International Airport (NKC)

‘NKC’ is located 25km north of Nouakchott. Available transport from the airport to the city comprises taxis and car rental vehicles from ‘Europcar’, ‘Nouakchott Car Rental’ and others.

Travellers can fly to ‘NKC’ from Cape Town with the following airlines:

  • South African Airways, Iberia, Binter Canarias (via Johannesburg, Madrid,

Las Palmas) 22h 0m+

  • Air France, Mauritania (via Paris, Casablanca) 22h 25m+
  • Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) 22h 35m+
  • Ethiopian (via Addis Ababa) 1d 1h+
  • Turkish (via Istanbul) 1d 3h+

Additional airlines touching down at ‘NKC’ include:

  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Singapore

Reasons to Visit Nouakchott, Mauritania:

  • Located on the West Atlantic coast the capital to Mauritania, Nouakchott is today the country’s largest city that was once, in pre-colonial times, an inconsequential small fortified fishing village under French rule. In 1958 it was designated as capital due to its central location as well as eluding the delicate issue of it being built in a location dominated by Arab-descended Moors or Black Africans. It received independence in November 1960 and survived two attacks during the ‘Western Sahara’ conflict in 1976. Today it’s the heart of the country’s economy with a Chinese-built deep-water port, constructed in 1986.
  • Spend time meandering at ‘Port de Peche’, a hive of activity and colour with the ocean, local fishermen and hundreds of long fishing boats lining the beach. Experience efficiency taking place in transferring a fabulous variety of fish from the boats to shore and to the markets as fast as possible. ‘Marché Capitale’ is a popular, crowded and chaotic market where locals do shopping and local souvenirs can be purchased, alternatively pop over to ‘Marche Cinquieme’. Visitors specifically wanting to buy a ‘khaima’ (traditional tent) should visit ‘Marche aux Khaimas’ for the best choices. For modern shopping in a mall, the ‘Al Khaima Mall’ sells a variety of articles that include jewellery; top clothing brands, shoes and visa cards are acceptable.
  • Accommodation options comprise a good variety of hotels that include the ‘Monotel Hotel’ and ‘Auberge Diaguili’ that affords a warm atmosphere with nice rooms. The city offers some excellent eateries, for a sumptuous meal of seafood ‘TAFARIT Sun House’ is a must. The ‘Portuguese House’ serves up Mediterranean cuisine and for delectable international cuisine, ‘Le Frisco’.

When to Visit Nouakchott, Mauritania:

The weather’s good all year except for September. January to May temperatures average around 35°C with about 2% rain during May. June to August afford average temperatures of 42°C with approximately 19% rain in August. October provides morning temperatures of 28°C and 6% rain while November and December have pleasant early evenings with temperatures around 28°C.

Places to Visit Nouakchott, Mauritania:

  • The ‘Saudi Mosque’ is a beautifully designed structure and one of the largest in the city and there’s also the ‘Ibn Abbas Mosque’ to view.
  • The ‘Galerie Zeinart’ that’s moved to a new location puts on regular exhibitions and sells a fabulous range of African art, jewellery and other interesting souvenir pieces that may be pricey.
  • The ‘Centre Culturel Francais St Exupery’ usually has cultural events taking place but if not, relax at tables outside the restaurant and enjoy a superb meal.
  • Established in 1965, the ‘Catholic Cathedral of St. Joseph’ is home to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nouakchott.
  • Stroll along ‘Plage de Nouakchott’ for solitude, stop for a cup of black tea, a bite to eat and take some stunning pictures of the sun setting.
  • Additional attractions for tourists are the ‘National Museum of Mauritania’, the ‘National Library’ and the ‘National Archives’

Getting Around Nouakchott:


Plenty of police checks will be encountered particularly when leaving or entering a town and to speed up the process of producing your I.D. and registering your information make a bunch of copies that include your passport information page, a list of your personal details, home address, occupation, destination, your vehicle’s make, colour and registration.

Minibuses/Bush Taxis:

Minibuses, normally crowded and uncomfortable traverse to main towns and cities linked with tarmac roads and where tar roads change to ‘piste’, ‘taxi brousee’ (bush taxies) that include Mercedes and Peugeot 504s take over including trucks for more rugged terrain.

Car Rentals:

From ‘Europcar’ the ideal vehicle to rent is a 4WD especially if you want to travel to more remote areas.

Special Hire Taxis:

There are lots of private taxi companies in the city. These taxis accommodate up to four passengers and can be flagged down. They’re not metered but the majority have set fares.

Shared Taxis:

These taxis take up to six passengers with the main station located at BMD Bank next to the ‘Marché Capitale’.


Private and public buses are available for inner city transport.