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Cheap Flights to Lagos

 Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and is commonly referred to as the country’s artistic capital – a hub for artists of every kind, and also the city where some of the country’s most sought-after events are hosted year upon year.

Lagos is celebrated for its year-round warm weather and unbeatable beach resorts, making it a top destination choice for those looking to enjoy a classic African beach holiday with plenty of fun-filled water activities. Last but not least, the Nigerian nightlife never ever disappoints when in search of a great party!

After getting your cheap flights to Lagos, enjoy a trip to Lekki Conservation Centre which places you atop raised pathways where you can look down on the city’s magical wildlife, or pay a visit to the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market, tucked away in a corner of the Lekki-Epe expressway. With so much to see, do and explore, there is no reason why your Lagos excursion won’t be a trip to remember for many years to come.

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Durban’s airport was recently moved from the South coast to the North coast. This new airport, King Shaka international Airport, was built to replace the older Louis Botha airport and allow larger airoplanes to land, supposedly bringing more international visitors to our shores.

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Cheap Flights to Lagos from South Africa

How much are flights to Lagos, Nigeria?


Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flights to Lagos from Asaba 21 May 27 May Air Peace R3,259
Flights to Lagos from Port Harcourt 25 May 29 May Air Peace R3,349
Flights to Lagos from Owerri 17 May 24 May Air Peace R3,349
Flights to Lagos from Abuja 26 May 30 May Air Peace R3,409
Flights to Lagos from Osubi 24 May 30 May Air Peace R3,859
Flights to Lagos from Accra 1 Jun 4 Jun Hahn Air R5,249
Flights to Lagos from Johannesburg 2 Jun 12 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R5,869
Flights to Lagos from Johannesburg 7 Jun 14 Jun Rwandair Express R5,959
Flights to Lagos from George 27 May 5 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R6,089
Flights to Lagos from Cape Town 4 Jun 25 Sep TAAG Angola Airlines R6,219
Flights to Lagos from Bloemfontein 1 Jun 6 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R6,239
Flights to Lagos from Accra 15 Jun 16 Jun Air Peace R6,339
Flights to Lagos from Dar Es Salaam 25 Jun 29 Jun Kenya Airways R6,459
Flights to Lagos from Durban 1 Jun 27 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R6,849
Flights to Lagos from Cairo 2 Jun 8 Jun Egyptair R7,219
Flights to Lagos from Cape Town 30 Jun 8 Jul Kenya Airways R7,329
Flights to Lagos from Cape Town 2 Jun 12 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R7,419
Flights to Lagos from Entebbe 5 Aug 19 Aug Kenya Airways R7,549
Flights to Lagos from Abidjan 6 Jun 9 Jun Air Cote D'Ivoire R7,569
Flights to Lagos from Kigali 30 May 3 Jun Rwandair Express R7,839
Prices based on live searches up till 17 May 05:00 and are subject to change.



Popular Flights To Lagos

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Flight Times to Lagos

You may be able to find non-stop flights to Lagos depending on where you reside in South Africa. However, this is not always possible, and flight times will vary extensively according to any stopovers. Here are the flight times that you can expect on average:

Flight time Cape Town to Lagos: 12h20 minutes to 14h10 minutes with two stops.
Flight time Johannesburg to Lagos: 8h30 minutes to 12h30 minutes on one stop.
Flight time Durban to Lagos: 9h20 minutes to 12h10 minutes with one stop.


Transport in Lagos

It’s best to make your way into the city centre upon landing in Lagos at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS). The centre is approximately half an hour drive from the airport.

Transport options in Nigeria are limited in comparison to other major cities around the world, and the country’s public transportation is somewhat lacking in infrastructure. Bright yellow tuk-tuks can be found all over the city and are relatively safe to use as a hop-on-hop-off taxi, but If you really want to discover the city you would be well advised to hire a car or better yet, organise a driver.

There is a Lagos Airport Bus available, but it’s not recommended that tourists use this at certain times of the day and night for safety reasons.


When is the Best Time to Visit Lagos?

Wondering when to book your flight tickets to Lagos?


Lagos is known for its hot and humid temperatures all year round. Even in winter, temperatures usually remain steadily in the upper 20s, meaning that if it’s beach life you’re after, you can’t really go wrong regardless of the time you choose to visit. Having said that, you may want to steer clear during June and July when rainfall levels are at their highest.

If you’re keen to experience the scorching weather in all of its glory, the hot season begins in November and extends to April the following year. More comfortable temperatures emerge from June through to October.

Lagos plays host to numerous events, including music, fashion and art festivals – some of which are known to be some of the best in all of Africa. If you would like to attend any of these, try to book your flights to Lagos for March, October or November.


How hot does it get in Lagos?

The weather is hot and humid and rarely gets cold.

February and March tend to be the warmest months with temperatures averaging around 33 degrees Celsius during the day and 24 degrees Celsius at night.

The coolest months of July and August have average highs of 28 degrees Celsius with lows sitting at 22 degrees Celsius.

Lagos sees most of its rainfall from April – September each year, with December and January being the driest months.


Top Things to See and Do in Lagos

The following places and attractions are all must-sees when exploring Lagos:

  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Tarkwa Bay Beach
  • Lekki Market
  • Freedom Park
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • LUFASI Nature Park
  • The Cathedral Church of Christ
  • Synagogue Church of All Nations
  • Kalakuta Republic Museum
  • Elegushi Beach


Interesting Facts about Lagos

Thinking about booking flights from Johannesburg to Lagos, Cape Town to Lagos or Durban to Lagos? If so, you will probably want to brush up on some facts about the city first. Here are some interesting tidbits:

  • Lagos is the sixth-largest city in the world by city population
  • Lagos was the capital city of Nigeria from 1914 until 1991, when it was replaced with Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory
  • NECOM house towers in Lagos is the tallest building in West Africa
  • Size-wise, Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria
  • It is home to the second-longest bridge in Africa – 3rd Mainland bridge


Visas, Tips and Currency 

Don’t find yourself stranded at the airport because you haven’t done your homework before booking your flights to Nigeria. Travellers are often surprised to learn that they need a visa to travel to Nigeria and that the process can be laborious and costly. Plan ahead and use a visa agency where possible. 

The local currency is Naira which is often hard to acquire, and very costly if you try to get hold of it at the airport, but US dollars are accepted in most establishments. ATMs are found throughout the city if you need local currency.

Seafood is a popular delicacy in Lagos, which can be expensive but if you are adventurous enough to try the local stews and other cuisine, much of it with jollof rice, you will find that eating out will cost you much the same as a solid meal back home, around $12 a meal.

A typical Uber trip will set you back somewhere between $5 and $10 depending on the distance. Hotels are expensive but comfortable, and shopping is negotiable at the bustling markets where anyone with a skill for bargaining can pick up handcrafted Nigerian gifts for the whole family. Overall, if you are prepared to shop around and leave the main tourist areas, you’ll find Nigeria affordable. 


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