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Cheap Flights to Francistown, Botswana

  • Area Codes                         : (+267 24)
  • Currency             : Pula (P)
  • Population             : 100,079 (2011)
  • Official Language             : English with Setswana widely used
  • Time Zone             : CAT (UTC+2)
  • Airport : Francistown Airport (FRW)

‘Francistown Airport’ is located 4.41km from the city and takes around ten minutes by vehicle. With two runways, ‘FRW’ has numerous domestic flights and a few international ones touching down. Passengers can rent vehicles from ‘Europcar’, ‘Bidvest’ or ‘Avis’ at the airport, take a taxi or mini-bus.

Departing from Cape Town and Durban with one or two stops, travellers can fly to ‘FRW’ with the following airlines:

  • Kulula
  • South African Airways
  • British Airways

From Johannesburg, flights to ‘FRW’ can be taken with the above including:

  • Air Botswana

In addition to the above airlines, also operating flights to ‘FRW’ is:

  • ‘Qatar Airways’.

When to Visit Francistown, Botswana:

Francistown affords good weather all year round. January and February see midday highs of around 30°C with about 70mm rain. From March to May, early evening temperatures average around 18°C with approximately 8mm of rain. June and July afford lunchtime temperatures of around 22°C and just 1% of rain. August to November provide highs from the mid-20s to around 33°C with about 55mm rain. December has about 150mm of rain with maximum temperatures of around 31°C.

Reasons to Visit Francistown, Botswana:

  • Situated where the rivers Tati and Inchwe meet, Francistown was colonised by the ‘Matabele’ people during the 1830s and founded in 1897. It’s one of Botswana’s oldest towns, its second largest city and was the heart of southern Africa’s first gold rush with remnants of old abandoned mines still surrounding the city. Named after Daniel Francis, a prospector from Liverpool, the city is presently experiencing an economic boom due to the resurgence of its gold mining industry.
  • For accommodation the city offers B&Bs, Inns, ‘Speciality Lodges’, hotels and camping establishments. There are modern shopping malls, old colonial buildings and wonderful colourful, vibrant African markets around the city.
  • For the perfect flame-grilled steak, ‘Savanna’ is located upstairs in the ‘Village Mall’. For a fabulous evening of dining, German owned ‘Barbara’s Bistro’ serve up the most delicious ‘eisbein’ including the best ‘Karoo’ lamb in town. Other eateries include the ‘Thorn Tree’, ‘Tandurei’ and South African favourites, ‘Spur’ and ‘Wimpy’.
  • For peace with the sounds of nature, ‘Kuminda Farm’ affords tranquil surroundings with an abundance of birdlife, flora and fauna to appreciate while out walking. The farm has a small horticultural project that provides fresh vegetables, traditional mud buildings and for accommodation two customary huts, two thatched rondavels and a campsite. Indulge in delicious authentic meals, songs and dance, chilling and chatting around a mesmerising fire under a star-lit sky. The ideal time for visiting is from October to July.

Places to Visit Francistown, Botswana:

  • The pristine 8,200ha ‘Tachila Nature Reserve’ is home to a range of wildlife that includes giraffe, zebra, cheetah and more. The appropriate Kalanga name, ‘Tachila’ means ‘saviour of all livings things’. The reserve is a community project that showcases historical, cultural, natural and archaeological attractions exclusive to Francistown and the North East District.
  • A must do for any traveller interested in archaeology is to take a day’s return drive to ‘Domboshaba’, an open area site of around 8ha that affords a stone wall site dating back to 1450AD, several enclosures, remains of bulkheads and partitions, specifically ‘Wall 28’ and more.
  • ‘Supa Ngwao Museum’ housed in a Government Camp that’s 100 years old has a prison, police canteen and provides insight on the history and culture of the Kalanga people including a photographic display of early Francistown and Botswana. Collections include musical instruments, pottery, woodcarvings and basketry. Purchasing one of these hand-made crafts from the Museum Craft Shop will support many men and women craftsmen from surrounding areas. Also operating as an information centre, the Museum manages guided city walking tours.
  • ‘Birds and Game Botswana’ founded by ‘Uncharted Africa’ has been a place of refuge for the last twenty years for orphaned wild animals. It’s popular for school trips and enlightens visitors on the country’s wildlife heritage.

Getting Around Francistown:

You can wave down a mini-bus that will stop unless it’s full. Most of them drive past the station and each one has a specific route, often circular.

Licensed taxis can be identified by their number plates that have a blue background and authorised to carry a maximum of five passengers at a time. For an extra fee, a non-shared taxi service can be arranged and can also be booked telephonically for collections from specific points.

Car Hire:
Car rentals companies in Francistown include:

  • ‘Avis’
  • ‘Bidvest’
  • ‘Budget’
  • ‘Hertz’

Travellers wishing to travel to Gaborone or Lobatse can utilise the ‘Botswana Railways’ that affords ‘First’, ‘Business’ and ‘Standard Class’ seats with air-conditioned coaches, a buffet car and private sleeper compartments.