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Domestic Flights South Africa Opens Up Durban To The Rest Of South Africa


We help countless South Africans every day to book cheap flights to and from Durban. This beautiful coastal city on the Kwa-Zulu Natal’s coastline is South Africa’s third largest city, and hosts the country’s largest harbour. It features some of our most beautiful beaches with the South and North as options on either side.


Durban’s warm water temperatures act as a major attraction for many local and international tourists each year, and we are happy to provide everyone with the affordable and cheap flights to Durban they need to make their trip even more memorable. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime African safari experience, Durban is a great choice with many game farms within a three hour drive up the coast.


The awe inspiring Drakensberg is also a mere two hours’ drive inland, and there are many coastal stretches and magnificent beaches on either side to keep you in awe of the city’s natural beauty. Durban is now open to more South Africans than ever, with cheap flights to Durban and other major domestic destinations finally within reach.


Durban’s King Shaka International Airport Welcomes You


Durban’s main international airport was recently relocated from the South coast to the North coast. The new airport, King Shaka International, replaces the older Louis Botha airport, and allows for larger airplanes to land. This not only boosts domestic air travel to Durban, but also brings more international visitors to the city’s shores.


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