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Cheap Flights to Democratic Republic of Sao Tome

  • Area (São Tomé)             : 17km² (7 sq mi)
  • Area Code                       : (+239) 11to 14
  • Currency                          : Dobra (STD)
  • Population                       : 56,945 (2008)
  • Official Language            : Portuguese Regional: Forro, Principense
  • Time Zone                       : GMT (UTC+0)
  • Airport                             : São Tomé International Airport (TMS)

Passengers landing at TMS, the main airport that serves São Tomé and Príncipe and just 5km from the city centre, can take taxis, hire rental vehicles or hitchhike.

Travellers in South Africa can take flights from Johannesburg to TMS with the following airlines:

From Cape Town and Durban (excluding KLM) flights to TMS can be taken with:

  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • South African Airways
  • Turkish

Additional airlines touching down at TMS include:

  • Afric Aviation
  • Afrijet
  • TAAG
  • TAP Portgual

Reasons to Visit Democratic Republic of Sao Tome:

  • Founded in 1493 by Alvaro Caminha in search for land to grow suger, São Tomé was uninhibited until the arrival of the Portuguese around 1470. Its location in the Gulf of Guinea and close to the Kingdom of Kongo provided a source of slave labour for farming the sugar plantations. In July 1595 Rei Amador and the majority of slaves revolted by marching into the capital but were vanquished a year later. Just after 1599, the Dutch seized the city and islands for just two days and then again, for a year, in 1641. The islands gained their independence in 1975.
  • It’s a charming attractive city with colonial Portuguese architecture and one of the few places to be totally removed from time restraints and all negative aspects of city life, providing a feeling of absolute tranquillity. Hitchhiking is safe and taking a stroll day or night poses no problem. Immerse yourself in lush forests, jungles and hills wrapped in mist. Delight in viewing dolphins and whales, visit coffee and cocoa plantations, swim or tan on paradisiac beaches; hike up mountains with picturesque waterfalls; visit amazing nature parks; go fishing or diving ; view historical attractions and chat with wonderful friendly locals.
  • Many of hotels and resorts have palm trees and idyllic views like the Pestana São Tomé Ocean Resort and others. There are comfortable and neat B&Bs, Holiday Rentals, backpackers as well as Makaira Lodge that’s described as a slice of paradise and happiness on a plate. The city affords a great variety of excellent restaurants that serve European, African and other cuisines with many dishing up the most delectable seafood dishes.

When to Visit Democratic Republic of Sao Tome:
Located in the vicinity of the Equator, the island affords a hot and humid tropical climate all year. Although cloudy, the ideal time to visit this city is from June to September. Temperatures average around 30°C from January to April and from June to August days are slightly cooler. The dry period is June to September and its wettest months are April and May. Located in the rain shadow, São Tomé only receives around 900mm rainfall per annum.

Places to Visit Democratic Republic of Sao Tome:

  • Glean the total coffee process and its historical role to the islands from a friendly guide at the Monte Café coffee plantation that’s a tinge of the largest plantation on the island.
  • The Roça Água Izé, an open air museum has one of the most beautiful gardens on the islands.
  • Lying on the equator, off São Tomé’s southern tip is Ilhéu das Rolas, an islet home to a small resort, the Pestana Equador.
  • Obo Natural Park provides pure bliss for any nature lover with mountains, rain forests, waterfalls and white and black sandy beaches and approximately 700 flora and fauna species. The park covers about 35% of the islands surface, comprising two areas, one in São Tomé, the other in Principe. Also located south in the park is the magnificent Pico Cão Grande (Great Dog Peak), a needle-shaped volcanic plug peak with great climbing opportunities and the volcano.
  • A pleasing sight is the Cascata de Soa Nicolau waterfall, a few miles within the mountains that surges out of the lush jungle wall.
  • The city’s splendid white cathedral dates back to the 16th century.
  • Fort São Sebastião built in 1575 is a marvellous example of 16th architecture and is now the São Tomé National Museum displaying colonial period artefacts and religious art.
  • Completed around 1885, the Neoclassical styled Presidential Palace with two floors is the official residence of the President.
  • There’s theatre, dance and music for visitors entertainment.
  • Value the miracle of nature at Íihas das Rolas where turtles lay their eggs.
  • Visit the scenic village of Ribeira Peixe and the charming fishing village of Ribeira Afonso.
  • An ocean trip between July and October affords views of whales and dolphins.
  • Travel north and for exploring the jungle and the baobab forest.

Getting Around Praia:
Visitors can easily walk around to take in city attractions.

Yellow taxis are available including shared minibuses to get around the city.

Car Hire:
Visitors can rent vehicles from Tortuga Rent a Car or Privilege Tours.