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Cheap Flights to Conakry, Guinea

  • Area (total)                 : 450km² (170 sq mi)
  • Area Codes                : (+224) 4
  • Currency                    : Guinean Frank (GNF)
  • Population (total)        : 1,660,973 (2014)
  • Official Language       : French
  • National Languages   : Fula, Malinké, Susu, Kissi, Kpelle & Toma
  • Time Zone                  : UTC+0
  • Airport                         : Conakry International Airport (CKY)

CKY also known as Gbessia International Airport is about 6 miles from the capital city Conakry. Transport from CKY comprises buses, minibuses, shared buses and taxis. Travellers can hire vehicles from Hertz, Budget, National, Dollar and others through Conakry Airport Car Rentals or directly from Avis.

From Cape Town, travellers can fly to CKY with the following airlines:

  • South African, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian (via Johannesburg, Nairobi,

Abidjan) 21h 0m+

  • Kulula (via Johannesburg) 21h 15m+
  • British Airways (via Johannesburg) 22h 20m+
  • EgyptAir (via Accra) 1d 3h+

From Johannesburg, additional airlines to Conakry include:

  • Brussels (via Abidjan) 18h 40m+

Other airlines touching down at CKY include:

Reasons to Visit Conakry, Guinea:

  • Capital and largest city of Guinea, Conakry nestles on the narrow 36km Kaloum Peninsula that juts into the Atlantic Ocean. People originally settled on the small Tombo Island but later spread out to Kaloum Peninsula. In 1904 Conakry was made capital of French Guinea and flourished as an export port.
  • Tombo Island is right on the tip of the Guinean Kaloum Peninsula where Conakry was built. A city not overloaded with tourist attractions many visitors use the city as a base for venturing out to Îles de Los, a group of islands approximately 2km off the headland that attract visitors easily with idyllic unspoilt beaches and lush forests.
  • The city has plenty of hotel accommodation, many of which are upmarket with spectacular views and all the frills including the Sheraton brand. There are also Inns and B&Bs. There’s a great variety of restaurants for dining out that offer French, Lebanese, African and other cuisines including superb seafood dishes, pizza and burgers. For night owls there are pubs and a couple of nightclubs.

When to Visit Conakry, Guinea:
Ocean temperatures are suitable for swimming all year through but the best months for enjoying this city are from January to May and December. January and February have temperatures around 34°C, dropping to 32°C in May with around 27mm rain. August is the wettest month with around 800mm of rain. December experiences highs of around 35°C with just 13mm rain.

Places to Visit Conakry, Guinea:

  • The eye-catching Cathédrale Sainte-Marie laid its first bricks in 1928.
  • The small National Museum has an interesting collection of artefacts, old musical instruments, masks and models that reflect daily living of Guinean fishermen and farmers and the land’s cultural heritage.
  • Le Petit Musee founded in 1998 by artist Fifi Tamsir Niane and located in the district of La Minière in the town of Dixinn has blue artificial rocks painted by Prince Malatsi from South Africa and affords a unique experience.
  • One of the largest mosques in sub-Sahara is The Grand Mosque built in 1982 by the country’s first president. The colossal structure can accommodate over 12,500 people at any given time.
  • The Botanical Gardens next to the mosque feature tropical flowers and kapok trees.
  • Spend a day in Soro Village, around 6km west of Conakry.
  • Visitors addicted to gambling have the Casino Royal de Conakry located on 8th Boulevard.
  • Head out to the primary islands of Îles de Los: Tamara, Roume and Kassa for a day of paradise. Boats depart from behind the Novotel and can also be rented out. The majority of Guineans head for Kassa that buzzes over weekends while Roume, a bit more relaxed has many expats arriving. There are a few hotels and restaurants but visitors can also find inexpensive places to stay over with locals living on the islands.
  • The beautiful cascading Soumba Waterfalls just two a hour drive from the city afford swimming and a delectable meal with the thundering sounds of water as background music.
  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Park is a 17 hour drive on the N1 from Conakry but well worth it. A World Heritage Site comprising 17,540 hectares of which 5,000 are located in Côte d’Ivoire, the park is dramatically beautiful with lush dense forests, mountains and numerous rare species only found in this area. Also resident to the park are western chimpanzees, West African lions and duiker zebra.

Getting Around to Conakry, Guinea:
Popular with locals is the commuter train that operates the length of the city. Not normally recommended for tourists it does afford a unique experience with local people.

It’s safer buying your own motorcycle (that’s affordable) than taking a ride with a motorcycle taxi where drivers are reckless and don’t adhere to speed limits.

Also known as Magbanas they’re usually always packed with up to 20 people sometimes and unless you don’t mind being cramped and uncomfortable, rather take a taxi.

Buses can be found around the port area. They don’t operate on a regular basis and also get packed.

To get a taxi, simply wave one down on the street.

Car Hire:
Rentals comprise MCD Et Frere, Avis, Vital Africa Transports and others.