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Cheap Flights to Brazzaville

  • City Area : 263.9 km² (101.9 sq mi)
  • Calling Code : 242
  • Currency : Congolese Franc (CDF)
  • (EST) City Population : 1,827,000
  • Official Languages : French, Kituba and Lingala
  • Time Zone : West Africa Time (WAT) UTC+1
  • Airport : Maya-Maya International Airport

Five Reasons to Visit Brazzaville

  • Brazzaville is the largest city and capital of the Republic of the Congo, also referred to as Congo-Brazzaville. It’s a sprawling metropolis that along with its river port lies north on the Congo River, second largest in Africa after the Nile River. Surrounded by a large, beautiful savannah of grassland, trees and rolling hills, further north nearer to the equator, thick tropical rainforests are home to gorillas, chimps and monkeys of all types and an abundant birdlife. North of Quesso, has the highest density of elephants in the country.
  • The city comprises government offices, historical buildings, bustling markets, souvenirs shops, bakers, butchers, children playing in the streets and wonderfully hot weather.
  • There are a great range of hotels in the city including boutique hotels. Hotel Mikhael’s located on Nelson Mandela Avenue is within walking distance to the city’s main attractions, only ten minutes from the airport and affords ideal facilities for business meetings and conferences.
  • There are more than enough restaurants in the city to choose from for your favourite cuisine, Moroccan, Continental, French, Lebanese, Indian or Congolese amongst others. Nenuphar serves excellent steaks while at Mami Wata you can have a delicious pizza with a stunning view of Kinshasa over the Congo River. For an elaborate, fine dining experience, La Missala located at the Olympic Palace offers a scrumptious Continental menu. When strolling downtown try the local street food such as an egg or avocado and salami sandwich or at night, meat on a stick.
  • There’s no shortage of bars and fabulous nightclubs to dance the night away. 3 D Bar is a popular venue for the young and hip with a lounge-type bar it has an upstairs area and outside patio and no cover charge. The Diplomat is a local hot spot that affords visitors the opportunity of listening to and seeing local bands and dancers. The Boom Boom Afrique is a lounge that plays a great mixture of French, American and African music. Popular among expats and foreigners is No Stress for a great night out with friends.

Places to Visit Brazzaville

  • Basilica of St. Anne, built in 1949 by Roger Erell and well known for its green tiled roof is an absolute architectural masterpiece of French colonialism and definitely not to be missed.
  • Its hard to miss the tallest building in the country, the impressive Nabemba Tower (also known as Elf Tower) in the shape of a concave cylinder. A stunning example of superb architecture, the office skyscraper reaches up 106m with 30 floors plus a hefty annual maintenance cost of £3 million.
  • The colonial style Palais du Peuple founded in 1901 is today the presidential palace.
  • The Temple Mosque is a premier attraction with its stunning design and golden dome, set in peaceful surroundings and the most important Muslim site for pilgrimages in the country.
  • The National Museum of Congo features collections of Congolese art and historical artefacts.
  • Visit the Cathédrale du Sacré-Coeur for a regular service, view the cathedral or areas of Centreville, Poto Poto and Kinshasa across the massive river.
  • The stunning Charles de Gaulle House that looks more like a palace is now the residence of the French Ambassador. Set in the southern section of Brazzaville, its nestled amongst lush trees on top of a hill with manicured gardens surrounding it.
  • The newly beautiful constructed marble Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Memorial dedicated to the explorer and his family is well worth a visit.
  • The Open Air Painting Market, is great for bargaining for works of art, copper and wooden sculptures. A must is the Poto Poto Painting School that offers a superb selection of paintings from local artists. The Olympic Palace Hotel Craft Shop sells genuine local crafts although quite expensive. Specialising in great wood carvings and brass work is the Tala Na Miso. The Marche du Plateau Craft Market sells a great collection of arts and crafts and bargaining a necessity as prices are not fixed.
  • The Loutoulakari Falls is a worthwhile 80km drive, albeit on a bad road but takes you through true African bush, small houses and local people.
  • There are numerous wildlife parks offering a diversity of amazing wildlife for an exciting, unique African adventure. The 3,922km² Nouabale-Ndoki National Park that opened in 1993 has chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas and elephants including 24 types of vegetation and today still remains uninhibited by humans. Stay over in the Lango or Ngaga Camp at the Odzala-Kokoua National Park that covers 13,600km² and is also part of the marvellous Congo Basin. Comprising forests, marshes, rivers and swamps, impressive flora and fauna, lowland gorillas, forest elephants, over 100 mammal species and 11 diurnal primate species, its a paradise for birders with 430 species that include the forest swallow, black guinea flow and grey parrot. With Natural World Safaris you’ll experience an African escapade never to be forgotten.

Getting Around Brazzaville

Buses: The city doesn’t have an official bus service but there are privately owned buses that operate in the city.

The Congo-Ocean Railway is a passenger and freight line operating across the country. The passenger service known as La Gazelle provides weekly services between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville on Mondays and Fridays, departing at 17h00 with 1st and 2nd class rates for adults and children aged between 5 and 9 years. An Express Train runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Pointe-Noire to Loutété, departing at 08h00. Visitors wanting an unforgettable rail travel package should check out Congo Epic Jungle Train and Congo Coast to River Odyssey at

Tourists can easily find or flag down a green and white taxi in the street that may not be in the best condition but will get you to your destination. Collective Taxis operate specific routes and are more expensive.

Car Rental:
Rental vehicle companies based at the airport and in Brazzaville comprise Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Sixt and others. For driving in and around Brazzaville from 08h00 to 23h00, Congo-Brazzaville Vehicle Rental has a range of top quality, clean, secure and with air conditioning, SUV rentals plus a professional driver.