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Cheap Flights to Beira, Mozambique

  • Area (total)                         : 633km² (244 sq mi)
  • Area Code                         : (+258) 23
  • Currency             : New Mozambique Metical (MZN)
  • Population city : 436,240 (2007)
  • Official Language             : Portuguese
  • Time Zone             : GMT+2
  • Airport : Beira Airport (BEW)

Passengers can take a taxi or hire vehicles from ‘Europcar’ or ‘Sixt’ at the airport.

Travellers can fly to ‘BEW’ from ‘O.R. Tambo Int. Airport’ with the following airlines:

From Durban’s ‘King Shaka Int. Airport’ and ‘Cape Town International’, the following airlines touch down at ‘BEW’:

  • British Airways
  • Kulula
  • South African Airways

Reasons to Visit Beira, Mozambique:

  • Only founded in 1887 and receiving city status in 1906, Beira had Vasco da Gama entering the estuary of the Púngoè River way back in 1498. Beira is capital of the Sofala province and Mozambique’s second largest city that was developed by the Portuguese colonial government from 1947 until 1975 when the country gained independence and resulted in the departure of many ethnic Portuguese citizens. In 2000 Beira was severely affected by a flood leaving millions homeless. The ‘Port of Beira’ is an imperative gateway for its interior including Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • What Beira lacks in oodles of attractions it makes up for in nature with great opportunities for serious fishermen. The Yellowfin Tuna run occurs from May to September and during the summer months, plenty of mackerel of all sizes are caught. There are beaches, rivers and historically pleasing structures and for night owls, numerous nightclubs, bars, elegant lounges and cinemas. Art at a price can be purchased from artists of the Makonde tribe that produce somewhat bizarre but detailed carvings.
  • There are hotels, Inns, B&Bs, backpackers, camping and caravanning facilities for accommodation needs. The ‘Golden Peacock Resort Hotel’ is one of the best with a strong Chinese ambiance. For superb vistas stay at the ‘Rainbow Hotel Mocambique’. Overlooking Macuti Beach is the small ‘Rani’s Hotel’. ‘Lunamar Hotel’ is peaceful and great for families while ‘Hotel Indigo’ is fairly pricey but well located. ‘Pousada Tropical’ is a large quiet house that provides great rooms. The ‘Hotel Savoy’ affords little comfort but great prices.
  • There are superb seafood eateries in and around the city with many serving delectable Portuguese dishes. South Africans will be right at home with South African cuisine at ‘Bique’s Restaurant’, ideally located on the beach as is ‘Nautico’s’ with full view of the waterfront.

When to Visit Beira, Mozambique:

For great weather the best months are from April to December. Average temperatures from April to July range around 32 to 34°C with about 59mm rain. From August to October morning temperatures average 26°C with a few days rain. November and December experience highs of 32°C. January and February are hot but also the wettest months.

Places to Visit Beira, Mozambique:

  • The Praça (city square) is great for meandering around with shops, banks, supermarkets, travel agencies etc. While there, find the marble municipality building and view a mural of the historic ‘Sofala Castle’ in its entrance hall.
  • The small but magnificently designed white ‘Beira Cathedral’ was built in 1925 with stones from the old ‘San Gaetano Fort’ that was erected around 1501.
  • The historic and restored ‘Casa Infante de Sagres’ located in the port area is now home to the ‘Manica Shipping Company’ who undertook the restoration.
  • The ‘Beira Railway Station’ dating back to the golden era of the ‘Sena’ railway line still serves Malawi and Zimbabwe.
  • The ‘Grande Hotel’ located at the mouth of the Púngoè River was deemed one of the continent’s finest and largest hotels according to standards at the time. Built in 1963 it was nicknamed the ‘Pride of Africa’ but sadly it closed in 1963 with the ‘Portuguese Colonial War’ breaking out and today is inhabited by nature, animals and hundreds of squatters.
  • ‘Gorongosa National Park’ that was one of southern Africa’s foremost wildlife parks is a massive 4000 km² area now undergoing rehabilitation, the ‘Restoration Project’ with groups doing their utmost to return it to its previous glory. The park comprises a range of eco-systems, limestone gorges, immense rain forests, savannah grasslands and mountainous terrain. Visitors have activities of guided game drives, walking or canoe safaris and visiting the ‘Vinho Community’. Accommodation within the park comprises premium and standard villas and bungalows as well as garden rooms, tents, camping and caravan facilities. An absolute African experienced is had at this virtually untouched reserve.
  • Take a pleasurable beach stroll south along Beira’s coast, known as ‘the ship grave-yard’, to see many scattered old rusted hulls.
  • ‘Macuti Beach’ is one of the most popular beaches. While there take a walk to the ‘Macuti Lighthouse’, constructed in 1904 with its tower reaching up 28 metres and view the metal remnants from the shipwrecked ‘Macuti’. Just 30km north-east of the city is white sanded ‘Savane Beach’ that necessitates a 4×4 and a boat trip before reaching the beach, but it’s worth it. There are marvellous views, drinks and lunch at a charming eatery and amble along to the river estuary for an exhilarating swim. It’s also a great location for ‘birders’. For overnight stays, accommodation is available.
  • Take a day out to the ‘Six Miles’ resort, around 10km from Beira, for day of swimming in an artificial lagoon with islands and pedal boats.
  • The unmaintained ‘Campo de Golfe Beira’ founded in 1907 still ensures golfing enjoyment at its 18-hole course. Facilities include a restaurant, conference and exhibition space and billiard tables.

Getting Around Beira:

Visitors can hire vehicles in Beira from ‘Avis’, ‘Moz’, ‘Sixt’ and others. ‘Chapas’ depart from the main transport depot in the city. Taxis cannot be waved down as they don’t drive around looking for fares but the main taxi stand is on the western fringe of Praça do Maquinino, however it’s best to enquire at your hotel which service to use.