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Cheap Flights To Athens

Athens is both ancient and modern at once, and is perhaps the only city on earth that offers equal measures of grunge and grace. It bustles with a heady mix of edginess and history, coming together to welcome more visitors to its shores each year than it has citizens.

Cheap Flights To Athens

Athens – Greece

Iconic monuments mingle with world-class museums, lively cafés and fresco dining, setting the stage for a trip of a lifetime for any traveller lucky enough to leave footprints on Athens’ shores. The city’s historic centre is an open air museum, yet Athens’ cultural and social life occurs amid these ancient landmarks that merge the past with the present.

Standing witness to the city’s many incredible transformations is the magnificent Acropolis, rising above the sprawling metropolis and keeping a watchful eye over the epicentre of Western civilisation. Post-Olympics Athens, even through facing current financial issues, remains more cosmopolitan and sophisticated than ever before.

Athens’ Modern Face

There is a bevy of stylish shops, restaurants and hip hotels, along with entertainment quarters and artsy-industrial neighbourhoods such as Gazi, illustrating the perfect balance Athens strikes by bringing together its glorious past with its exciting present. Don’t discount the surrounding region of Attiki either, as it holds some spectacular antiques as well.

These include the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and many celebrated beaches like those near historic Marathon. Athenians are now living a better life after after the Olympic games, as many buildings have been renovated and big projects were carried out. The city’s infrastructure has been modernised in many ways that it hadn’t been over decades, such as new highways through Attiki odos circulating Athens from Aspropyrgos to the new Spata airport, reaching to the western suburbs of Athens.

There are now many modern areas in Athens solely dedicated to pedestrians, such as the entire area around Acropolis, from Dionysiou Areopagitoy street to Keramikos and Thission. Plaka is now also 90% pedestrianized, as well as many of Athens’ main shopping streets and districts.

Cheap Flights To Athens

We are scanning over 5 million flights to Athens annually to give you the best prices online. The table below shows you just how affordable it is to fly to Athens from South Africa. Some of the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Athens are on offer from R6999.00 depending on the time of year.

Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flights To Athens From Santorini 22 Jun 2 Jul Volotea R559
Flights To Athens From Mykonos 18 Jun 21 Jun Volotea R819
Flights To Athens From Bari 24 Jun 27 Jun Volotea R819
Flights To Athens From Dubrovnik 1 Jun 8 Jun Volotea R849
Flights To Athens From Milan 30 May 17 Jun Wizz Air R889
Flights To Athens From Milan 26 May 30 May EasyJet R899
Flights To Athens From Budapest 6 Jun 20 Jun Wizz Air R929
Flights To Athens From Marseille 8 Jun 20 Jun Volotea R1,109
Flights To Athens From Thessaloniki 2 Jun 5 Jun Sky Express R1,209
Flights To Athens From Santorini 9 Jun 13 Jun Sky Express R1,439
Prices based on live searches up till 25 May 05:00 and are subject to change.

Visit Greece’s Ancient Capital with Cheap Flights to Athens

The first place to plant footsteps when visiting Athens with cheap flights from Johannesburg is Acropolis, naturally. When standing on the sacred rock, as Greeks refer to Acropolis, the magnificence of Greece is sprawled out before you. However, this is not the only beautiful and significant vantage point.

Other incredible archaeological sites include the agora, the market with the temple Hephaistos, which is still in remarkably great shape. There is also the temple of Zeus, and the arch of Hadrian. Enjoy the many world-class and utterly fascinating museums, including the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum and the Byzantine Museum, to name a few. All in all, there are around 50 museums in Athens vying for your attention.

With a vibrant and lively nightlife, you will have just as much to do at night than during the day. Look forward to a lifetime experience as you set out to explore the beauty of this anciently significant city taking you on a journey of history and modern civilisation at once.


Top Things To Do In Athens

When booking cheap flights to Athens, you can look forward to spending your extra money on many of the truly fascinating activities and attractions Greece’s capital city has to offer. Here are only a few of the top things to do while visiting Athens:

• Sounio – Great for history enthusiasts, sightseeing, sunsets and beaches, Sounio is located at the southern tip of Attica and a mere 45-minute drive from Athens;
• Kolonaki – Great for shopping, cafés and bars, this district brings a New York flair to Athens. Browse a mix of designer and affordable shops, and enjoy the outdoor cocktail and coffee vibe;
• Benaki Museum – Widely regarded as Greece’s finest private museum, it contains a vast collection of Antonis Benakis, including items from the Bronze Age;
• Ancient Agora – Located in the heart of ancient Athens was Agora, a lively and crowded focal point of the city. Today, this site is a lush and refreshing respite for travellers in search of a place to refresh while soaking up ancient history.

These are only a few of the many exciting activities that keep visitors entertained and enthralled throughout their stay. Secure your cheap flights from Johannesburg to Athens today, and walk in the footsteps of gladiators and emperors.


5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Athens

1. 3000 Years of History

Athens’ origins dates back to 3000BC. This makes it one of the world’s oldest cities, and it has been uninterruptedly habited for at least 3000 years.

2. Birthplace of Democracy

Athens is widely considered to be the cradle of Western civilisation, as it is the origin of democracy. Western literature and philosophy, the Olympic Games, major mathematical principles and political science and theatre all have its roots in this ancient city.

3. Olympic Glory & Origins

Hot on the heels of Rio 2016, an interesting fact about Athens is that the very first Olympic Games may have been held in Olympia in 776BC (hence the name). However, the first modern version of the Olympics as we know it today were held in Athens in 1896. It returned full circle again to the city in 2004.

4. 30% of the Greek population lives in 1% of Greece

Athens, with a population of more than 3 million people, is Greece’s biggest city. It is also Greece’s centre for tourism and politics.

5. Nearly twenty million tourists a year

Approximately 17.5 million people visit Greece every year – more than the entire country’s population! In order to accommodate this influx, Greece’s number of international airports rank the highest for any country, the largest being in Athens.


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