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Cheap Flights To Accra

  • Area: City : 173 km² (67 sq mi)
  • Area Codes  : 030
  • Currency : Ghana Cedi (GHS)
  • Population City (2013) : 2,291,352
  • Official Language : English, Ga, Dagomba, Akan and Ewe
  • Time Zone : UTC
  • Airport : Kotoka International Airport

Cheap Flights To Accra GhanaThere are airlines from all over the globe touching down at Kotoka International Airport just 10 kilometres north of Accra in Ghana. Visitors are afforded multiple choices of special deals, cheap flights to Accra and the opportunity to redeem points or rewards from code-share partner airlines.

Passengers have a variety of options for transport from the airport to Accra that include taxis, the train or subway, buses and coaches, care hire, shared transfers, the airport shuttle or a limo and town car.

Finding cheap flights to Accra is not a simple task. It is dependent on the time of year, demand and popularity of each specific route. At Domestic Flights South Africa our dedicated teams are scanning millions of flights on your behalf. In doing so, we guarantee the cheapest flights to Ghana. You can see some incredible flight prices we are offering in the table below:

Cheap Flights To Accra, Ghana

Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flights To Accra From Abidjan 6 Jun 12 Jun Air Cote D'Ivoire R5,179
Flights To Accra From Abidjan 28 May 4 Jun Emirates R6,539
Flights To Accra From Dar Es Salaam 26 May 2 Jun Kenya Airways R7,079
Flights To Accra From Hamburg 30 May 16 Jun Turkish Airlines R7,479
Flights To Accra From Harare 7 Jun 13 Jun Kenya Airways R7,499
Flights To Accra From Kigali 9 Jun 13 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R7,649
Flights To Accra From Lagos 30 May 6 Jun Air Peace R7,859
Flights To Accra From Lome 17 Jul 25 Jul Air Cote D'Ivoire R8,139
Flights To Accra From Johannesburg 6 Jun 13 Jun Rwandair Express R8,239
Flights To Accra From Lusaka 20 Jun 26 Jun Ethiopian Airlines R8,269
Prices based on live searches up till 26 May 05:00 and are subject to change.

Airlines flying to Accra include:

  • Arik Air
  • Aero
  • Qatar
  • South African Airways
  • jetBlue
  • United
  • Africa World Airlines
  • Ethiopian
  • Singapore Airlines
  • TAP Portugal
  • Kenya Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Asky
  • Meridiana
  • Turkish
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways Flights To Ghana


Best Time To Visit Accra In Ghana

Visiting Ghana is best during the dry months from October to April that are no cooler or hotter than at other times, but definitely more comfortable with humidity levels lower, less mosquitoes and secondary roads in better shape. It’s also a great time for viewing wildlife.

Reasons to Visit Accra

  • Capital and largest city in Ghana, Accra also served as capital of the ‘British Gold Coast’ between 1877 and 1957 and has since developed into a modern, bustling metropolis with 19th century architecture in buildings to contemporary skyscrapers and apartment blocks. The city is also the economic and administrative hub of the ‘Greater Accra’ region and the centre for a selection of fabulous hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Visitors can find absolute relaxation on one of many stunning beaches, view numerous historical castles, visit one of many wild life parks, dine out at some excellent restaurants or dance the night away in popular nightclubs.
  • For accommodation visitors have a great range of 3 to 5-Star hotels like the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, clean and comfortable budget hotels as well as numerous backpacker hostels that include the 5-Star Sleepy Hippo Backpacker Hotel.

Places to Visit in Accra

  • Definitely not to be missed is Kakum National Park located 170 kilometres from Accra. Established in 1932, the park officially opened in 1994 and comprises an area of 360km² of Ghana’s declining rainforest. The rainforest has been home, since 2012, to the densest forest elephant population and is recognised by Bird Life International as an ‘Important Bird Area’ with 266 species confirmed including eight species of global conservation concern, one being the white-breasted guinea fowl. It’s rich in butterflies with over 500 species, Diana monkeys, giant bongo antelope and plenty more for wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors have wonderful ‘Tree Top’ platforms and canopy walkways reaching 30 metres above the forest floor for a unique once in a lifetime experience of viewing flora and fauna not visible on the ground.
  • Cape Coast Castle located in Victoria Road on the ‘Gold Coast’ is one of a myriad of castles and forts built by European traders between 1482 and 1786 that portrays the misery of the slave trade. Cape Coast Castle had a thousand men and 500 women slaves shackled and packed in dark, damp and unventilated dungeons with no place to lie down, very little light, no water or sanitation causing many to fall seriously ill. The slaves sometimes spent up to three months in these appalling conditions before boarding ships for the ‘New World’. Many of these castles and forts have been declared ‘UNESCO World Heritage’ sites due to their historical importance.
  • Christianborg Castle now named Osu Castle was built in 1659 and has since the 1920’s been the seat of government and today serves as the official residence of Ghana’s president. It is not open to the general public.
  • The ‘National Museum of Ghana’, inaugurated by the Duchess of Kent in 1957 is the biggest and oldest of six museums under the ‘Ghana Museums and Monuments Board’ administration. The museum opens up Ghana’s history for visitors with displays dedicated to indigenous crafts and art, musical instruments and the imperative royal Asante stools including the chair of the last British governor, salvaged from ‘Christianborg Castle’. Not to be missed is an exhibition on the brutal history of the slave trade.
  • The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and memorial park in the heart of Accra was built in honour of Kwame Nkrumah (1909 – 27th April 1972) who led Ghana to independence in 1957 from Britain and was the country’s first prime minister and president. The mausoleum is Kwame Nkrumah’s resting place and built on a man-made island, linked by two bridges to the mainland. Visitors can take walking tours themselves around the gardens but the museum is fairly small housing artifacts of clothing and furniture and Kwame Nkrumah’s blue Cadillac.
  • Labadi Beach stretches for 3 kilometres and comprises showers and changing rooms plus a number of attractions, activities, restaurants and snack bars. There is an entrance fee to this beach with entertainment of acrobatics, performers and musicians. Wednesdays have tourists and locals packing the beach to listen to some of the best of West African reggae music.
  • Ada Beach around an hour’s drive from Accra is like paradise with palm trees along the beach and water’s edge. Located at the estuary of the renowned ‘River Volta’, its inviting beaches are nesting places for sea birds including endangered and rare species of turtles. It’s also an ideal location for water sports enthusiasts with sport fishing, skiing and yachting with a marine close by.
  • Just 27 kilometres from Accra is Kokrobite Beach, a Rastafarian delight for lovers of Rasta music that’s funky with a distinct partying atmosphere especially as the sun sets with bonfires, songs, dance and drumming.
  • Busua Beach is by far the cleanest and most peaceful of beaches due to its remote location, some five hours drive from Accra. With its crystal clear waters, surfers wouldn’t hesitate taking the drive.

Getting Around Accra
The city of Accra’s traffic is chaotic and can be terrifying for pedestrians but there are buses, taxis and car hire if you want to brave driving in the city streets, bearing in mind during peak hours, traffic virtually comes to a stand-still with congestion.

Accra provides intercity buses known as ‘STC’ (State Transportation Corp.) buses that are comfortable, reliable and safe for tourists to use. Travellers wanting to head north or west will find buses departing from the ‘Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle’ station and those wanting to travel east can get their bus at the ‘Tudu’ station located north of ‘Makola Market. Besides the bus stations, travellers can also take buses in the city centre where they have regular stops.

Tro Tro:
Easier and safer than walking with hectic traffic is hopping into a ‘tro tro’, a shared mini-van that travels on set routes. Main ‘tro tro’ stops are located at ‘Tema Station’, ‘Nkrumah Circle’ and ’37 Circle’.

The city has plenty of taxis, ideal for first time visitors to Accra. Always agree on a price beforehand as these taxis do not operate with metres and check for seat belts as some taxis are not in the best condition.

The majority of hotels also have taxi drivers that work specifically for their establishment and drive decent vehicles and people carriers with air-conditioning but are more expensive and be sure to haggle for a fair price.

Visitors wanting to travel in absolute comfort should contact ‘EuroStar Global Limousine’ who has a range of luxury vehicles for airport transfers, special occasions and conferences.

Car Hire in Accra:
Most reputable car hire companies are located at the airport with agents in and around the city including desks at major hotels that will recommend a reliable and honest driver. ‘Avis’ is located at 199 Soula Loop, Labine while ‘Europcar’ is on the 12th floor of the ‘Heritage Tower’ in West Ridge.

Book your cheap flights to Accra now with us and be sure to get the best deals.