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Cheap Flights to Abidjan

  • Area: City/autonomous
  • District : 2,119 km² (818 sq mi)
  • Area Codes : +225
  • Currency : West African CFA
  • Population City (2014) : 4,395,243
  • Official Language  : French Baoulé and Ebrié
  • Time Zone : GMT (UTC+0)
  • Airports : Abidjan International Airport

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire:

Travellers visiting or returning to the fabulous city of Abidjan and landing at Abidjan International Airport also known as Port Bouet Airport or ‘Félix-Houphouë-Boigny International Airport’, just 10 miles from the city, can purchase affordable cheap flights to Abidjan by taking advantage of special deals or reap points or rewards with partner airlines or booking flights right here with us. From South Africa travellers can fly direct to Abidjan from O.R. Tambo International Airport with South African Airways.

Airlines landing at ‘Abidjan International Airport’ include, among others:
• Ethiopian Airlines
• South African Airways
• Kenya Airlines
• Air France
• Nigerian Eagle Airlines
• Egyptair
• Air Algerie
• Air Burkina
• Air Mauritanie
• Air Senegal International
• Brussels Airlines
• Tunisair

Best Time To Visit Abidjan

Abidjan has a tropical climate for most of the year with temperatures ranging between 22 and 31°C and the best time to visit is during the dry months from November to April as May through to October encounter torrential downpours.

Reasons to Visit Abidjan

  • Visitors to Côte dIvoire have a great range of wonderful national parks to visit that afford an unforgettable experience of being in deepest, darkest and most beautiful Africa including stunning beaches located in and around Abidjan that would make you forget where you actually are.
  • Located on the Ébrié Lagoon, Abidjan is the financial, commercial and administrative hub of Cote dIvoire situated on the southern edge of the Atlantic Oceans Gulf of Guinea. It’s the most populous French speaking city in West Africa, made up informally of north and south Abidjan with ten formal communes or boroughs, each managed by a mayor.
  • Abidjan was a coastal fishing village until the completion of the Virdi Canal in 1951 that turned it into a thriving sea port and was the former capital of Cote dIvoire from 1933 until 1983 when the city of Yamoussoukro became the official political capital.
  • Abidjan International Airport is conveniently located about 10 miles from the city. With two terminals, it has over 20 airlines landing and taking off to more than 35 destinations. Your choice of airlines for an affordable and wonderful cheap flight to Abidjan comprise Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Kenya Airlines, Air France, Nigerian Eagle Airlines and Egyptair, all superb carriers and more. Travellers who haven’t combined their cheap car hire vehicle with their airfares are advised to use only orange taxis with official fare displays or bus services provided by their hotel.
  • Abidjan has a variety of hotels from classy 5-Star to comfortable 2-Star establishments, some offering lovely views of the lagoon. In addition tourists have choices of homely guesthouses, fabulous resorts, apartments with self catering and backpackers for visitors wanting no frills.

Places to Visit in Abidjan

  • Banco National Park located along Highway North in the district of Attécoubé comprises around 300 square kilometres of verdant forests that affords visitors a total change of pace from the bustling city. It’s a beautiful area for hiking, walking or jogging with plenty of hotel accommodation nearby. It can get very hot and humid so take a water bottle along, and if you’ve forgotten, head for the research/forestry schools administration centre where you’ll find a welcome make-shift bar that serves the coldest beer around.
  • Îles Ehotilés National Park established in 1974 and comprising 105 square kilometres affords visitors spectacular natural beauty and wildlife and an inviting stretch of beach for cooling off after a hike.
  • Bassam Beach about 45kms east of Abidjan is ideal for total relaxation under the African sun. One of the country’s popular beaches it gets crowded over weekends but during the week is most pleasant. Tourists can stay at one of many Beach Hotel resorts if wanting to spend more time chilling out. Take a pleasant 200 odd kilometre drive west of Abidjan to Sassandra and find yourself on stunning, pristine beaches, seemingly untouched with rainforests meeting the shores. These beaches are less crowded and offer horse riding and wonderful bonfires at night.
  • St. Pauls Cathedral located in the city serves as the mother church for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Abidjan. Designed by Aldo Spirito at a cost of 11 million USD, it has a modern and unique style with a capacity of 5,000 parishioners.
  • Tourists wanting to shop for anything and everything should visit the suburb of Treichville, one of ten urban communes of the city that’s well known for being lively, specifically around the Crossroad France-Amérique. Not for the meek and mild, its crowded with bustling traffic and dirty but there are a wonderful variety of shops selling artefacts, clothing, fabrics and more where visitors can find excellent bargains and haggle with traders. Streets have no names but are numbered 1 to 25.
  • A must visit and definitely worth the drive is the 3,300 square kilometre Taï National Park, home to the biggest and finest preserved vestige of the Upper Guinea rainforest of West Africa. Receiving its World Heritage Site status in 1982, this park provides an array of flora and fauna with over 250 bird species recorded of which 12 are found only in this area and 11 species of primate including rare and endangered species.
  • A worthwhile drive for tourists is to the Abokouamekro National Park, about an hour from Yamoussoukro. A top attraction and important game reserve for endangered wildlife to the country, the park covers 21,000 hectares of fertile grassland with rivers and tall trees. Wildlife seen across rolling green landscapes includes giraffe, rhinos, buffalo, monkeys, hippos and much more.
  • The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, also in Yamoussoukro, is an incredibly beautiful work of architecture with marble imported from Italy and 7,000 square metres of contemporary stained glass from France. The basilica has the capacity for 18,000 worshippers and is owned by the Vatican Church, it was consecrated in 1990 by Pope John Paul II.

Getting Around Abidjan

Road conditions are not the best but improvements are in progress. Be aware of potholes, cars with broken lights at night, bad drivers and the rainy season from May to November, causing many roads to be impenetrable. Petrol stations are frequent other than in the north.

Car Hire:
There are plenty of car hire companies in Abidjan and at the airport comprising Avis, Europcar, Hertz including many others.

The country has a booming bus industry with numerous companies running large imported buses between cities, some that include Carici, Ebro and Geritech. Abidjans large semi-public company SOTRA operates a fleet of around 1000 imported buses but it’s safer to take the Express bus for a flat rate with seating only (no standing).

Minibuses known as Gbakas supplement the urban bus system but are not in the best condition, unregistered and similar to Woro Woros.

SOTRA also operates around 20 boats.

Tourists on tight budgets can easily afford the city’s metered orange/red taxis, found all over the city and you won’t have anyone else getting in along the way. Although taxis are metered, most of the time fares are negotiated without the meter being used, check if toll fares are included in the price and carry small notes in case no change is available.

TaxiJet is a new service that’s linked to other taxis in the city. Available 24/7, you can phone, book online or via their app from your phone and they’ll send the nearest available taxi to you. You can check them out at

Africab provide upscale vehicles in good condition that are safe to travel in with professional drivers, their website is

The Mutuelle des chauffeurs de Côte dIvoire (MCCI) is an association of drivers that provides safe and reliable vehicles with professional drivers. They can be contacted on +225 22 48 91 33 or emailed at [email protected].

Enterprise de Transport Cissé et Partenaires (ETCP) is a registered taxi company with a fleet of 70 vehicles with air-conditioning that are reliable and safe. The vehicles are tracked via GPS, linked to the company head office and police station.  You can book your taxi by phoning +225 24 00 03 24 from a landline.

Woro Woros are communal taxies with their colour reflecting the district theyre from. They travel on fixed routes picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. Fares are cheaper but the vehicles are in poor condition, not that clean and you need to be aware of your valuables.

The Abidjan-Ouagadougou rail system is one of the best in Africa, running efficiently daily from Abidjan to Bouaké and Ferkessédougou but does traverse through regions with conflict.