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Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Harare


Flights to Harare from Johannesburg


Depending on the time of the year and the demand, flights to Harare from Johannesburg typically start from around R2399 . Direct flights span around 965 km and will last approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Generally, you’ll depart from OR Tambo International Airport and land at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

The international route features several daily flights between the two cities. These are provided by many of South Africa’s most trusted airlines. You can choose from carriers such as SAA, Fastjet Airlines, British Airways, and FlyAirlink.


Flights from Johannesburg to Harare

This international route is perfect for both business and leisure travellers. Business travellers can fly with return flights on the same day, meaning their schedule won’t be too affected by travelling. Leisure travellers won’t have to wait too long to get started on their fun since these flights have a relatively short travel time.

Using Domestic Flights South Africa’s search widget, you can find several cheap flights between Joburg and Harare in just a few seconds. This is a convenient way to save yourself time searching the internet airline by airline.


Cheapest Flights to Harare from Johannesburg

Having helped dozens of travellers find affordable flights to Zimbabwe’s capital, Domestic Flights South Africa can also help you. These are some of the cheapest flights from Joburg to Harare.


Popular Flights from Johannesburg to Harare

No two flights are the same. You can pick from some of these popular Johannesburg to Harare flights as an alternative to the above cheap options.


Popular Flights From Johannesburg To Harare
Airlink flights from Johannesburg to Hararefrom R2399.00
British Airways flights from Johannesburg to Hararefrom R2699.00
South African Airways flights from Johannesburg to Hararefrom R2899
Fastjet flights from Johannesburg to Hararefrom R3299.00


Which Day Is the Cheapest Flight from Johannesburg to Harare?

Just like flight popularity differs, there are also certain days that are better for booking a ride. The cheapest day to catch a flight to Zimbabwe’s capital from Joburg is Friday, with Sunday being a close second. On the other hand, the most expensive day for flying to Harare is Saturday.


What Is the Best Month for Catching Cheap Flights to Harare From Johannesburg?

The best months for grabbing cheap flights from Johannesburg to Harare are August and May, with prices starting at just R2399 . In contrast, December and November are the most expensive months to fly to Harare, with prices ranging from R2899.00 upwards. Of course, these vary according to demand.

Popular Flights from Johannesburg

If you travel frequently, here are some other affordable flights from Johannesburg that may interest you.


Flight FAQs – Johannesburg to Harare

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    How much is a flight ticket from OR Tambo to Harare?

    A flight from OR Tambo (Johannesburg) to Harare starts from around R2399.00

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    Which airlines are flying into Harare?

    The OR Tambo International Airport to Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport direct route is served by SAA, British Airways, Fastjet, and Airlink.

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    How long is the flight from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe?

    Flights to Zimbabwe from Johannesburg generally last around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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    How many flights depart from Johannesburg to Harare per day?

    On average, at least seven direct flights go from OR Tambo to Harare daily. There are also a variety of flights that include stops in some of the country’s popular cities.


About Harare

Harare, the Zimbabwean capital, is a laid-back city with plenty of attractions that draw in thousands of tourists annually. While its natural splendour and safaris are chief among these, the inner city is also worth checking out as it isn’t boring at all.

In addition to the flora and fauna, Harare boasts several artificial attractions. This includes museums, galleries, markets where you can purchase craftworks, and more.


Best Time to Visit Harare




Harare has a steady climate and boasts decent temperatures throughout the year.  This means you can visit almost any time and still have a good trip.

Therefore, the best time to visit Harare depends entirely on your needs during your travels. However, keep in mind that the city can get very hot in the summer.

The peak season is during spring (September to November), as travellers can enjoy plenty of daylight and the heat is manageablen’t unbearable. It’s also the period when travel expenses are typically higher than any other time.

If you’re looking for the best deals or want to avoid crowds, autumn (March to May) is the best time to visit Harare. Rain is a rarity, temperatures are tolerable, and travel expenses are generally lower than during other periods.


Things To Do in Harare




These are the best things to do in Harare after hopping off one of the SAA, British Airways, and Airlink flights.

  • Wild is Life and ZEN – This wildlife sanctuary offers you an opportunity to see rescued animals like giraffes, lions, and elephants in their natural habitats.
  • National Botanic Gardens – This beautiful attraction features a variety of flora and spans nearly 7 square kilometres. You can look at plant species from Zimbabwe, as well as others from India and South America, before settling on the lawns to enjoy a picnic.
  • Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences – If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy a visit to this colourful museum. It features many old artefacts and stories about Zimbabwean history.
  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe – For art enthusiasts, this gallery showcases a variety of pieces from various artists. You can find a mix of paintings, sculptures, carvings, and photographs amongst other attractions here.
  • Country Club Karts – If you’re visiting Harare as a family, this thrilling experience is not to be missed. This arrive-and-drive karting track is open on weekends. There are senior and junior sessions on offer, as well as a play area for kids.

Country : South Africa
Currency : South African Rand (ZAR)
Harare Airport : Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport
Timezone : GMT+2