South Africa is an incredibly beautiful country filled with many natural wonders that makes renting a car to get around a fantastic adventure. You can rent a vehicle from well established companies like Avis Car Rental or Budget Car Rental and take off to see the sights that South Africa has to offer.

It really helps that South Africa is a one of the most developed countries on the continent which means that the road system is well maintained so you do not need to rent a large 4-wheel drive vehicle to see what it has to offer. Many of the gas stations are open 24 hours a day so you can take long trips along the countryside. Just remember that in South Africa, they drive on the left side of the road.

The average price of renting a small vehicle with full insurance is about $35 to $40 per day which is quite economical. Naturally, the price goes up a little if you need a larger vehicle. Remember to get a rental plan that includes unlimited kilometers and air conditioning because it can get warm during the summer months.

Where to Go?

Now that you have rented your vehicle, all you need to do is know where to go. Fortunately, South Africa has many different places that range from the beautiful beaches to the quite countryside to the modern urban scene. Plus, with numerous locations for Avis Car Rental and Budget Car Rental for example, you can actually start your vacation in Durban, drive to Cape Town and then fly back home from Cape Town if you desire.

Of course, what you can see around South Africa will depend largely on the time you have for your vacation. It is generally best to start in Cape Town as most of the attractions and sights to see are there and you can go further if you have more time to spend.

A Few Days: If you only have a few days to spend driving around Cape Town, then Table Mountain which dominates the city will certainly be a great place to start. You can also visit the Winelands as well which offers some wonderful scenic sights. Also, spend a day in Krugar National Part and drive the panoramic route which includes God’s Window and the Blyde River Canyon.

A Week or Two: If you have a longer stay planned, you can add in the Garden Route that will take you from Cape Town and along the coast all the way up to Plettenberg Bay with many gorgeous sights to see. You can also drive to the Drakensberg Mountains for their spectacular beauty or take in the beaches as KwaZulu Natal.

Two Weeks or Three: If you have this amount of time, once you take in Cape Town and drive up the Garden Route you can also go to the Wild Coast as well.

There are certainly many sights to see in South Africa and renting a vehicle from Budget Car Rental or Avis Car Rental will provide you with the right transportation to fully enjoy your trip.