Geet Indian Restaurant

Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn

Geet’s cuisine does not focus on any particular area of India. Instead, it celebrates the entire country. The chef, Gita Jivan, frequently flies home to learn more about her country’s delicious food. Then, she returns to Gauteng to translate her newly acquired knowledge together with her fresh inspiration into a unique outlook on Indian food.

Gita’s extensive menu affords a huge variety, while many of the dishes come with different alternatives of protein like fish, chicken, lamb, prawns, as well as ostrich.

There’s a vegetarian starter option, and that is unusual and delightful – sweet potato, little beetroots, corn cakes, any of which can be pan fried and served up with rajma sircot tikka or raita. The former is an elegant mashed potato croquette which is paneer-stuffed, deep fried, then served with an accompanying red mint chutney.
If it’s all too much to try to decide from, take a short cut and instead opt for a set menu, of which there are several to choose from.

You can start out with a delicious chicken and lamb soup. Gita’s is created using fresh ginger, which is served together with a coriander, honey, and black sesame naan that has something of a modernised twist with the addition of edible flowers and vegetable brunoise to the side.

The tikka platter is sprinkled with mini broccoli florets, in addition to an array of kebabs – meat anarkali, chicken dilkhush, and patanga. As an alternative, order up the charcoal burner and complete the cooking of a wonderful piece of kingklip, prawn, or a smoky cheese-filled tomato which is quite delicious.

Then, for the main course, select from differing curries that hail from a handful of regions in India.

And if you still have some space for dessert, go for the chocolate coconut samosa, which really shouldn’t be missed, if at all possible.

The wine list is packed full of useful information, including which wines go best with the various styles of Indian foods to select from. As for the bubblies, they range between Dom Pérignon and the locally produced MCCs.
The whites selection is made up of varietals such as Paul Cluver, Warwick, Neil Ellis, and La Motte; the reds are sourced from places like Plaisir de Merle and Darling Cellars. There’s also a nice choice of semi-sweet wines like Neethlingshof Six Flowers, which does well to offset the spicier dishes.

There are three generations presiding over Geet’s, grandfather, at age 82, overseas the finances, granddaughter manages PR and front-of-house, and Gita does the culinary side. It’s a very solidly run restaurant, and always has bright, new, and innovative ideas.

The interior is spacious, while divided into clear sections through the use of partitions and varying levels. The lighting scheme is blue, which although unusual, does provide a sense of modernity. A few tables are complete with double banquettes, while a mass of candles and some light background music contribute further to that attractive sense of intimacy.

Geet’s also offer private dinners just for two, off-site catering, in addition to cooking classes, which serve to turn the entire restaurant into a sizable school, with a mass of induction hobs, mini tandoori ovens, and fryers.
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