Having the choice of a mere 4 major low cost carriers in South Africa consumers always assume that Mango Airlines is always the cheapest. Also known as flymango.co.za, flaymango and flymango .co.za, Mango Airlines certainly do offer some really competitive flight prices. Are they the cheapest? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The best way to find out who is really offering cheap flights is to use our flights comparison software.




Are Mango Airlines The Cheapest

By searching for your flights with our booking facility you are guaranteed to find the cheapest flights in South Africa. You will be shown a list of all flights available and the prices of each flight listed in ascending order of cost. Most of the time you will notice that flymango.co.za offer the cheapest flight in one direction and, as an example, Kulula offer the cheapest flight on the return leg of your journey.

Flymango.co.za are not always the cheapest

We used an example to show you the benefits of using our flight comparison facility below.

are mango airlines the cheapest

As you can see, by using a combination of Kulula and British Airways, you will find the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the particular dates. So, the next time you decide to fly, why not use our search facility to guarantee the cheapest flights. It will save you time and money.