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Airlines Baggage Allowances

Mango Baggage Allowance

Mango Airlines Carry-On Allowance:

Passengers flying in Economy Class may take one single item weighing no more than 7kg that may not exceed 36cm x 23cm x 56cm (115cm) in dimension. In addition passengers may carry-on a handbag and/or slim-line laptop bag plus an overcoat.

Passengers travelling with a baby on their lap are permitted a small bag with in-flight requirements necessary for the baby such as nappies, medication and feeding bottles.

Tennis racquets may be transport as carry-on baggage, provided there is sufficient cabin space.

Any carry-on baggage exceeding these stipulations will have to be checked in.

Not permitted in carry-on baggage are toy guns, cutlery, scissors, syringes, nail clippers, knives or any sharp object that could be utilised as a weapon.


Mango Airlines Check-In Allowance:

Passengers are permitted an allowance of 20kg with the benefit of checking-in more than one piece, provided all pieces do not exceed 20kg in weight. Mango Plus passengers have the benefit of 30kg, an additional 10kg! No single piece weighing more than 32kg will be accepted.

House-hold/Other Items:

Mango will accept the following items, provided they are correctly packaged and fall within the stipulated baggage allowance. Fragile items must be packed in sturdy, padded boxes to prevent breakage.

  • Lamp shades
  • Lamps
  • Items of a similar nature
  • Liquor cartons
  • Liquids (perfumes etc.) must be marked fragile (permitted in the cabin and hold)

Special Care Items: Dry Ice:

Acceptable by Mango in the cargo hold is solid dry ice in small quantities of no more than 2.5kg that must be packed in a ventilated container that must be declared at check-in and marked with the following information:

  • Name of substance being cooled
  • Net weight
  • The wording of carbon dioxide clearly noticeable.

Sports Equipment:

  • Surfboards
  • Fishing gear
  • Golf equipment

The amount of surfboards carried depends on space availability in the cargo hold. Fishing equipment must be encased or boxed and golf equipment satisfactorily sealed.

  • Bicycles
  • Bowling gear
  • Diving equipment

Mango recommends that bicycles be packed in shipping boxes and do not provide this packing service. There is an additional handling fee for bicycles. Permitted checked-in bowling gear comprises a bowling ball, a bowling bag and a pair of bowling shoes. Passengers may check-in the following diving equipment as baggage:

  • A safety vest
  • A snorkel
  • A mask
  • A pair of fins
  • A tank pressure gauge and harness
  • A scuba regulator

The above sporting items are checked-in as return and included in the 20kg checked allowance per paying passenger (excluding bicycles). Passengers must obtain a Limited Liability Release Tag available from check-in counters, for retrieval of their sporting items.

Mango will not carry firearms, shooting equipment or incubators.



FlySafair Baggage Allowance

FlySafair Carry-On Allowance:

Passengers on flights with FlySafair are permitted carry-on baggage of 7kg that must fit into the overhead compartment and not exceed size dimensions of 56x36x23cm. This carry-on baggage is included in the airfare.

Passengers travelling with an infant (under 3 years) on their lap are permitted to take essential in-flight items for the baby as well as a pram and/or car seat free of charge. The latter will be collected outside the aircraft door and placed in the front- hold of the aircraft for the duration of the flight, after which they may be collected.

FlySafair permits passengers with expensive camera equipment, secured in a camera bag and that fits in the sizing bin for hand luggage, to take on as hand luggage. Larger photographic items will need to be checked-in as sport equipment.


FlySafair  Check-In Allowance:

In order to maintain wonderfully cheap airfares and keep passengers travelling light, checked-in baggage is not included in the fare and needs to be purchased separately. The cheapest option is for passengers to purchase online where they can purchase a 20kg bag for as little as R150.00 per flight. At the airport the price is R250.00. An extra bag incurs a charge of R250.00 and musical or sports equipment costs R280 per flight. The charge for a heavy bag fee is R250.00 per bag.

Any luggage weighing over 20kg will be charged a ‘fixed heavy luggage fee’ of R250.00 at the airport and any baggage over 32kg will be transported as cargo.

Musical Instruments and Sports Equipment may weigh up to 32kg and will cost R280 per item, per flight. Items weighing more than 32kg will travel as cargo at the passenger’s expense and may not necessarily be transported on the same flight. Maximum dimensions permitted for sports equipment are 190x75x65cm. Ensure your instruments and equipment is suitably packed in protective casing.

  • Golfing equipment includes a golf bag, set of clubs and pair of golf shoes.
  • Bicycles: Excluding motorised bicycles, must be disassembled and packed according to aircraft requirements and checked in no later than 90 minutes prior to flight departure. See more comprehensive information on disassembly and packing on the FlySafair website.
  • Skiing Equipment permitted is one pair of skis, poles and boots or one snow board and a pair of boots.
  • Water Ski equipment allowed is one pair of standard water skis.
  • Scuba diving: Equipment must be packed in a recognised kit bag and may comprise a snorkel, face mask, fins, tank pressure gauge, buoyancy control device, tank pressure gauge, empty cylinder tank with proof of a manufacturer’s seal.
  • Surfboards: A surfboard must be no more than 3 metres and protected with bubble wrap or placed in a recognised surfboard bag.
  • Fishing equipment may comprise two fishing rods, one reel, tackle box, landing net and a pair of fishing boots.
  • Tennis equipment: One racquet kit bag with your racquets and tennis balls.
  • Tenpin Bowling: Shoes and ball must be in one bag.
  • Hockey/Lacrosse: One equipment bag may contain sticks, balls, pads and team kit.

Other Items: Generators, Concentrators and Oxygen Tanks

Passengers are not permitted to use their own oxygen cylinders. Only sealed empty oxygen cylinders may be transported as checked-in luggage and included within your allowance. The regulator must be removed from the bottle and transported separately from the bottle.

The airline provides emergency oxygen only. Passengers using oxygen generators/concentrators need to obtain prior written approval from FlySafair with confirmation no later than 48 hours to flight departure. The approval letter is accompanied by a ‘FlySafair Special Needs’ forms which the passenger must have on arrival at the check-in counter.

The airline is not able to accommodate any device that requires external electrical power on board.

Passengers are welcome to use their own ‘aviation approved’ oxygen generators / concentrators.

Approved portable oxygen concentrators permissible:

  • Invacare XPO2
  • Respironics EverGo
  • AirSep Lifestyle
  • SeQual Eclipse
  • Inogen One
  • Delphi RS-00400
  • AirSep Freestyle
Kulula Airlines Baggage Allowance

Kulula Airlines  Carry-On Allowance:

Airlines Baggage AllowancesPassengers may carry-on one piece of hand luggage that doesn’t exceed 7kg in weight plus a small handbag or slimline laptop bag.


Kulula Airlines  Check-In Allowance:

Travellers flying with low-cost airline Kulula are entitled to take one free piece with a weight of no more than 20kg.

Baggage allowances are applicable for all passengers, adults, infants and children and any travellers with luggage weighing between 20kg and 32kg risk incurring a ‘heavy bag’ fee at the airport.

Extra Baggage:

Passengers needing to take additional luggage can purchase an ‘extra bag’ online at a cheaper rate of R290 and can do so 2 hours prior to their flight departure.

Sports Equipment – Bicycles: Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017:

Kulula has amended their normal process for bicycle transportation in order to make it smoother for participating cyclists flying to Cape Town for the ‘Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017’. Cyclists should contact 0861 KULULA between 07h00 and 19h00 to effect payment of R350.00 for their bicycle one-way, per flight, per bike and inclusive of VAT. This payment can only be made by credit card and once made, the passenger will receive, via email, a bike handling fee receipt that must be produced when dropping off or collecting their bicycle.

Please Note:

  • No more than 20 bicycles will be accepted per flight.
  • Bookings must be made via the Kulula Contact Centre.
  • The airport check-in desk will process all bicycles, and a demarcated area for bicycle drop-offs (dependent on which airport you’re flying from) will be pointed out to you by the check-in agent.
  • The ‘bike handling fee receipt’ must be produced on the day the cyclist travels for arrival and/or departure.
  • Kulula recommends that all cyclists take out private insurance on their bicycles.
  • Passengers failing to pre-book their bicycle via the Kulula Contact Centre will be referred to ‘BidAir Cargo’ and will have to pay the applicable handling fee.

Bicycle Drop/off or Collection:

  • Passengers must produce their flight booking reference or confirmation number and their ‘handling fee receipt’ received via email.
  • Valid proof of identity, an identity document, passport or driver’s licence must be produced.
  • Passengers will receive and must sign a ‘limited release tag’ that states ‘Comair’ will not be held liable for damage or loss to their bicycle while in their possession or in transit.
  • To avoid any unwanted problems on arrival at the airport, check out ‘How to Pack Your Bike’ at to ensure that your valued bicycle is correctly packed. On the same page also see ‘Check in the following’ for additional stipulations related to the transportation of your bicycle. You can also click on your airport of departure to check out relevant bicycle transport procedures related to that specific airport.
  • You may take, as ‘carry-on’ baggage, speedometer/s and any other electronic devices that have been removed from your bicycle.

Sporting Equipment:

Kulula transports most sporting equipment provided the maximum dimensions do not exceed 190x75x65cm and 20kg in weight. Travellers can use their free allowance or purchase an extra bag. Sporting equipment applicable for Kulula flights includes but is not limited to:

  • Angling
  • Archery
  • Cricket
  • Diving
  • Ice/Field Hockey
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Snow and Water Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Tenpin bowling
  • Tennis
  • Cycling

For the above equipment, check out for specific dimensions, weights and packaging.

The following items will not be accepted as checked-in baggage and must be transported as cargo or freight:

  • Hang-gliders
  • Windsurfing sails and boards
  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Pole vaults
  • Javelins
  • Sports and hunting weapons will not be accepted as cargo or freight, with exception of items listed below, provided they comply with packaging stipulations and ‘Dangerous Goods’ requirements, they may be accepted as checked-in baggage:
  • Paint-ball guns (compresses gas is prohibited)
  • Knives and ceremonial swords
  • Toy guns, excluding pellet or similar air guns.
South African Airways (Fly SAA) Baggage Allowances

South African Airways Carry-On Allowance:

The ‘Standard hand baggage allowance’ permits ‘Business Class’ travellers 2 pieces with each piece weighing no more than 8kg and not exceeding dimensions of 56cmx36cmx23cm.

‘Economy Class’ passengers are allowed 1 piece with a maximum weight of 8kg that should not exceed the same dimensions as stipulate for ‘Business Class’.

Both classes make carry-on personal items of 1 small laptop or 1 small handbag. Standard briefcases and larger laptop bags are not deemed as personal items and will be included in your standard hand baggage allowance.

Carry-on luggage must fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of the passenger. It may not obstruct aisles or emergency exits.


Passengers travelling with infants are permitted to take 1 collapsible pram or buggy (in addition to their standard baggage allowance) to the boarding gates where the items will be taken for loading in the hold of the aircraft.

An infant is permitted 1 carry-on bag with napkins, feeding bottles, food and bedding that is free provided the weight does not exceed 8kg.

Child or infant ‘Fly-Tot’ cushions are not permitted on board SAA flights.


South African Airways Check-In Allowance:

The ‘Standard free baggage allowance’ for ‘Business Class’ passengers is 2 pieces with each piece weighing no more than 32kg and one piece of sporting equipment with a maximum weight of 23kg.

‘Economy Class’ travellers are entitled to 1 piece not exceeding 23kg in weight and 1 piece of sporting equipment, weighing no more than 23kg. Each bag may not exceed 158cm in dimension and those that do not fit on the airport conveyor belts will not be accepted for transit.

‘SAA Voyager’ members benefit from additional baggage allowances, dependent upon their tier status.

SAA’s standard free baggage allowances may differ with travel classes and routes.

Free Baggage Allowance Exceptions:

Domestic travel (within South Africa):

  • ‘Business Class’ – 1 piece with a maximum weight of 32kg
  • ‘Economy Class’ – Standard free baggage allowance.

Travel within Africa:

  • ‘Business Class’ – Standard free baggage allowance.
  • ‘Economy Class’ – 2 pieces with each piece weighing no more than 23kg.

South Africa to Lagos/Abuja:

  • ‘Business Class’ – 3 pieces with each piece not exceeding 32kg.
  • ‘Economy Class’ – 3 pieces with each piece not exceeding 23kg.

Worldwide USA & Canada:

  • ‘Business Class’ – Standard free baggage allowance.
  • ‘Economy Class’ – 2 pieces with each piece weighing no more than 23kg.

Additional information:

  • Electronic cigarettes may be taken as carry-on or checked-in luggage, but if placed in the hold, the lithium ion batteries must be removed.
  • Passengers wishing to take liquids, creams, gels, aerosols, pastes or drinks should check specific requirements at in order to avoid any unnecessary delay at the airport including other restricted items.
  • ‘Galaxy Note 7’ devices and Hover boards are strictly prohibited as carry-on or checked-in baggage.


Comair Baggage Allowances

Carry-On Baggage

Comair in South Africa, operated by ‘British Airways’ permits passengers (adults, young adults and children) one bag of carry-on luggage with a maximum weight of 7kg and dimensions not exceeding 56x36c23cm. Bags, including handles, wheels and pockets must fit into the baggage gauge at check-in and be large enough to contain any airport or duty free purchases.

In addition passengers may take a slim-line laptop bag or small handbag with a maximum weight of 7kg and no larger than 45x36x20cm in dimension.

Infants under two years are permitted one bag weighing no more than 7kg and not exceeding 56x36x23cm.


Checked-in Baggage

Passengers, adults and young adults travelling in ‘Economy Class’ are allowed one free bag weighing no more than 23kg. Any bag in excess of 23kg will have a charge incurred and any bag weighing over 32kg will not be accepted but sent as cargo with applicable charges.

Children and infants aged up to 11 years are permitted one bag at a maximum weight of 23kg and one full collapsible stroller.

‘Business Class’ passengers, adults and young adults, are allowed two free bags with each bag weighing no more than 32kg.

Children aged from two to 11 years are allowed two bags with maximum weights of 32kg each and one full collapsible stroller.

Infants aged under two years may take one bag weighing no more than 23kg and one fully collapsible stroller (pushchair).


Sports, Musical and Mobility Equipment:

The passenger may include this equipment in their free checked baggage allowance or if necessary procure excess baggage at the airport.

A handling fee is incurred for firearms and ammunition as well as pets including their food and carriers which must also comply with stipulated weight and dimensions.

For further comprehensive information go to and






SA Express Baggage Allowances

Carry-On Allowance

Passengers are permitted, free of charge, to carry-on one piece of hand luggage that’s appropriate in size for placement on the sky check trolley and subject to availability of space. The carry-on luggage may weigh up to 7kg with maximum dimensions of 52x40x23cm and a total maximum dimension of 115cm and must fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front.

Passengers may take, in addition to the above:

  • A pocket book, purse or handbag
  • Walking stick or umbrella
  • Blanket, wrap or overcoat
  • Reading material
  • Food for a baby during the flight
  • A baby carry cot or basket
  • A portable PC that requires permission by the passenger from the crew for activation
  • A mobile phone that is not permitted for use during flight and may not be set on ‘flight mode’.

Passengers with disabilities are permitted to carry free of charge the following items required during flight which may be placed in the hold of the aircraft:

  • A pair of braces or crutches
  • One wheelchair (placed in the aircraft’s hold)
  • One small item of dialysis equipment for self-use by the passenger (placed in the aircraft’s hold)
  • One other orthopaedic device
  • Prosthetic devices provided the passenger is reliant upon them


  • For operational reasons, should no space be available in the cabin to retain carry-on items, same items may be placed in the aircraft’s hold. Any valuable items must be kept by the passenger.
  • The above items, excluding wheelchairs and baby cots and baskets, should be of a size that’s convenient for storage in the cupboard or pod of the aircraft or underneath the seat in front of the passenger.
  • The free baggage allowance is applicable to weight and not piece concept flights.


SA Express offers passengers ‘Skycheck’, a special hand luggage facility to ensure a more comfortable flight with faster boarding and disembarking times. Any carry-on luggage not required during flight may be placed on the ‘Skycheck’ trolley located at the boarding steps of the aircraft and must comply with a maximum weight of 7kg and be no more than 115cm in size. On arrival, when passengers disembark the ‘Skycheck’ trolley will be waiting with their carry-on luggage.


Checked-In Allowance: (Maximum weight per piece and passenger – weight concept)

No piece weighing more than 32kg will be accepted as excess baggage but will have to be checked in as air cargo at the stipulated air cargo rates.

  • Adult 20kg
  • Child 20kg
  • Infant 10kg

Should two infants be flying with one adult, the second infant will pay the child fare rate, allowing the second infant a baggage allowance of 20kg.

Infants not allowed a seat are permitted 10kg plus one collapsible stroller.


  • Seamen 30kg
  • Voyager Members:
    • Life Plat 30kg
    • Plat 30kg
    • Gold 20kg
    • Silver 10kg


Sporting Equipment:

Sporting equipment may be included in the passengers free baggage allowance, applicable to their travel class. SA Express will not accept responsibility for such items if damaged and not packaged suitably. Any equipment exceeding the free baggage allowance will incur costs pertaining to the baggage policy.

  • Scuba equipment – diving cylinders must hang upside down and be empty with the valve open for 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Golfing equipment is restricted to one golf bag per passenger on an SA Express flight and may not weigh more than 15kg.
  • Bicycles are limited to one per flight.
  • Angling equipment must be packed in protective cylinders and may not exceed 2m in length.

Passengers wanting to travel with sporting equipment and/or items allowed or not allowed should check to ensure they comply with regulations and avoid any unnecessary additional costs or delays while at the airport.


Fastjet Baggage Allowances
Fastjet – Baggage Allowances

Carry-On Allowance

Passengers may take one item of hand baggage free of charge with dimensions not exceeding 56x45x25cm. Passengers with luggage exceeding these dimensions will incur charges as their luggage will be checked-in as hold baggage at airport prices. There is no specific weigh requirement provided the passenger is capable of lifting their bag and placing into the overhead compartment and retrieving it, with no assistance from anyone.

Babies travelling without a seat do not have any carry-on allowance.


Checked-In Allowance

Checked-in baggage is not included in your ticket. Passengers wishing to take luggage in addition to their free carry-on allowance must pay extra fees. By pre-booking additional luggage, passengers pay much less than they would by arranging it at the airport.

Cost for Additional Baggage up to 2 bags (Bag – 20kg):

  • Pre-paid: R150 per bag
  • Payment at airport: R375 per bag

Sports and Musical Equipment up to 1 item (20kg):

  • Pre-paid: R300
  • Payment at airport: R600

No single item may weigh more than 32kg. All items are weighed at the airport and those exceeding 20kg in weight will incur additional charges.

Sporting equipment may include golf bags, bicycles, surfboards, kite and wind surfing equipment, fishing rods etc.

Bicycles not packed in a bicycle box will not be accepted for carriage and musical instruments must be packed in hard carry cases.


Ideal for passengers wanting to take more than 40kg or over 2 bags is to pre-book with ‘FREIGHTY’ that allows passengers to carry up to 4 items weighing no more than 80kg in total. No single item may exceed 32kg in weight and this service must be pre-booked.


Children and Infant Equipment:

Passengers travelling with an infant are permitted to take a baby stroller or pram per infant, free of charge. The item must be tagged at check-in and will be taken from the passenger before boarding for placement in the hold of the aircraft. On arrival the item may be collected from the carousel. No item may exceed 32kg in weight.


Reduced Mobility Passengers:

Passengers with reduced mobility are permitted to carry up to 2 items of mobility equipment free of charge. These items include walking sticks, electric mobility aids, foldable wheelchairs etc.


Drugs, Needles or Medical Oxygen:

Passengers needing to travel with medication such as drugs or injectable liquids must produce the necessary documentation such as a prescription that confirms details of the intended use of the drug or liquid.

For further information go to



Hand guns are permitted for carriage on all Fastjet flights for passengers over 18 years who must provide valid documentation proving ownership and legal authority for the possession of the firearm. No more than 5kg of ammunition may be carried and must be packed separately in another piece of hold luggage.



Live animals comprising pets, reptiles, insects or any other kind of livestock is not permitted on Fastjet flights.

FlyCemair Baggage Allowances
FlyCemAir – Baggage Allowances

Checked-In Allowance

Any single bag in excess of 32kg will not be accepted for carriage but shipped separately as cargo. Baggage allowances for numerous routes are as follows:


Passengers are permitted 2 items of checked luggage per person. Those passengers flying between O.R. Tambo and Kathu (Sishen) are permitted a combined weight of 12kg per passengers (including both checked baggage and gate checked).


2 pieces are permitted per person. Passengers travelling between O.R. Tambo and Bloemfontein are allowed a combined weight – both gate checked and checked baggage – of 31kg per passenger.

Margate/Plettenberg Bay/Cape Town

Passengers travelling these routes are allowed 2 items of checked baggage per person and free checked baggage up to 21kg per person, that includes both checked and gate checked baggage.


Passengers flying with babies aged 0 to 24 months are permitted an additional allowance of 10kg for the infant. A car seat and pram is also allowed but is not included in the free checked baggage allowance.

Excess Baggage:

Baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance will incur additional baggage charges and is only accepted should space be available, and on a standby basis. The rate for excess is R25 per kg. Passengers can purchase excess baggage online or pay at the airport when checking in.

Any baggage taken on a standby basis will only be accepted with the condition that Cemair (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for delays in transportation of same to its destination or any costs the passenger may incur for collecting the standby baggage. Perishable goods are not accepted as standby luggage.

Only on a standby basis, excess baggage will only loaded subject to space availability and once the flight has closed and with authorisation from the Captain obtained. Passengers wanting to ensure their excess baggage travels with them may purchase an additional seat, affording an additional 80kg baggage allowance. This can be arranged via the Cemair Reservations office.

Sports Equipment:

Sports equipment, due to size and delicateness, incurs a handling fee of R250 per flight and passengers should notify the airline ahead of time via the Reservations team. Sports equipment may not form part of the passenger’s free checked-in luggage allowance and must be properly packaged.

Medical and Special Needs:

Go to for comprehensive information and to ensure you have an enjoyable flight.


Cemair has stringent standards set regarding the transportation of animals in order to ensure their safety and comfort. Only domestic cats and dogs will be transported by Cemair, as checked luggage. Any other animal will be treated as unaccompanied cargo, including any domestic unaccompanied pets. To ensure the safety of your beloved pet go to for more information on required documentation and containers etc.

Firearms and Ammunition:

The airline accepts firearms and ammunition for transport in checked baggage that must be packed in the correct case or container. Passengers must complete the required local police formalities in order to transport firearms. No firearm, ammunition or parts of same are permitted as carry-on luggage.

For the carriage of sporting rifles, handguns and their ammunition, a handling fee per sector of R280 will be charged and must be paid at the counter on the day of flight departure. To alleviate any delays at the airport go to for more detailed information.


Carry-On Allowance

Passengers may carry-on board, in addition to the stipulated checked-in allowance above (specified by route) small personal items comprising:

  • A purse, pocket book or handbag
  • One foldable garment bag not exceeding 185cm in dimension
  • A wrap, blanket or overcoat
  • A walking stick or umbrella
  • Small binoculars and/or a small camera
  • Acceptable amount of reading material
  • Baby food for consumption during flight
  • A baby carry cot or basket
  • A portable PC in an appropriate bag. The PC may not be activated without permission from the crew
  • A mobile phone that may not be used during the flight.

Passengers are permitted to carry-on unchecked hand luggage weighing no more than 6kg and not exceeding 56x36x23cm in dimension.