The gin craze is “in” these days and if you are booking Mango flights to Cape Town, you will find yourself in the gin capital of South Africa! If you’re visiting Cape Town and don’t get in on the gin scene, you will be missing out.

In Cape Town, gin is done a little differently. Many of the indigenous botanicals found in the area are used in local gins which gives a Cape Town bottle of gin that unique element that people seem to be looking for.

Need a gift for family and friends back home?

Suss out the best gin spots and come home toting a bottle of the finest Cape gin. It’s the perfect gift!

Some like it with no frills, on the rocks while others like to take things to the next level by adding a dash and a splash (maybe even a few glugs) of gin to a cocktail or a refreshing spritzer. Whatever your style, you are bound to find the many places to enjoy a good gin in Cape Town to be absolutely refreshing.

Looking for the ultimate gin lover’s guide to Cape Town? Tempting enough to book your cheap domestic flights to Cape Town right now and get in on the gin scene action? We thought you might be!

Local is Lekker!

Before we take a look at some places to frequent, let’s first establish something. Gin is the speciality of Capetonians at the moment, so if you’re not tasting and enjoying authentic local gins, you’re doing it wrong. Here are 10 local gins you absolutely have to taste:

  • Woodstock Gin Co
  • Wilderer Fynbos Gin
  • Cruxland London Dry Gin
  • Triple ThreeGin
  • Cape Town Gin Company
  • New Harbour Distillery Gin
  • Jorgenson’s Gin
  • Musgrave Gin
  • Inverroche Gin
  • Hope on Hopkins

Now you know which Gins to look for, let’s take a look at our pick of the top 3 gin spots to search out when you’re in the Mother City.

Gin Jol Around with Kiff Kombi

Make your way around town in the brightly coloured Kiff Kombi dedicated to ensuring that you have an absolute jol while tasting some of the finest gins in Cape Town.

You might think booking your flight to Cape Town is exciting enough. Wait until you’re seated and ready to take off with Kiff Kombi! The kombi will take you to 3 gin distilleries and includes food pairing and tasting. Finally, you will head off to a top secret gin bar to continue the party.

Explore the Gin Route

Not too keen to share your gin experience with a kombi of gin jollers? No worries! There’s always the Gin Route to explore on your own or with your selected group of ginsters.

The 6km route features 6 gin distilleries and includes the tasting of 20 local gins. While there’s no guide to take you along the route, there are maps and route info on the Gin Route website. Apparently, guides will soon be offered too. Now that’s exciting.

Send your Taste Buds International with Local & International Gin Tasting at the Twelve Apostles
If you want to experience local gins and more, the Gin Lab at the Twelve Apostles has both local and international gins available for tasting and food pairing.

Daily gin tastings pair 3 local gins with different tonics. For a more in-depth tasting, you can make a booking for the Gin and Canape Tasting Experience.

Have a Gintastic Stay in the Cape

If you have a few days to play with, gin tasting in Cape Town can be a fun way to experience the people and culture of the city. If you have a few more days at your disposal, you might even want to do a bit of wine tasting!

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