South Africa, a beautifully diverse country with approximately the same landmass as Spain and France – or, for that matter, around double the size of Texas – entices visitors on account of its amazing wildlife, remarkable beaches, cultural variety, and beautiful scenery (not to say anything about the wine).

There’s no doubt it’s indeed a haven for travelers irrespective of their origination and visitors quickly sense that the complement between the colourful inhabitants and rich history make for a truly unforgettable travel experience.


6. Blyde River Canyon

The second largest canyon in all of Africa, Blyde River Canyon offers ongoing views of magnificent waterfalls, escarpments, and ancient geological scenery.

What’s more, every one of South Africa’s five primate species is to be found here, in addition to crocodiles and hippos at the Swadini Dam wetlands.


5. Cape Winelands

Surrounded by sleepy villages, majestic mountains, burgeoning orchards, fascinating monuments, as well as some of South Africa’s lushest scenery, the Cape’s Wine Routes are a wine lover’s paradise. And even more so because they lead to vineyards that belong to the country’s finest winemakers.





World famed for their savoury palate and delicate flavours, the brandies, ports, sherry, and alluring whites and reds are a wonder not to be missed.


4. Knysa

Among the most popular tourist attractions within the country is the Garden Route, which stretches, or so most people say, between Mossel Bay and St. Francis, right along the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean.

A treasure trove of mountains, tranquil lakes, rivers, golden beaches, and canopied forests, all serve to grace this extensive region of South Africa.

However, Knysa, situated between the shores of a most tranquil lagoon and the lushest of forests, is arguably the most beautiful of all the destinations along South Africa’s Garden Route. It offers plenty of opportunities for exciting outdoor adventure, combined with lengthy pathways dotted with shopping venues and authentic dining locales.

A journey to the heads, which are two cliffs that almost appear to be guarding the secluded lagoon, is certainly a must, as each of them affords the most spectacular views over the lagoon and the adjacent cliff tops.


3. Beaches of Durban

With a certain similarity to the beaches of Miami, Durban’s beaches offer no less of a pulsating atmosphere. And of course, the all-year-round balmy weather attracts a true beach culture, while a plethora of entertainment helps to keep the kids enthralled.

The beaches here are clean and safe, and the sands are golden and soft. Together with the tropical sunshine, Durban’s north and south coastal beaches are nothing short of a tourist haven.


2. Table Mountain

Located within Table Mountain National Park, Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town to the east, Robben Island at the north, and over to the south and west – the Atlantic Ocean.

The heights of the flat-topped mountain, which rises to 1,086 meters (3,563 ft.), can be reached using an innovative cableway, whereby the Rotair cars employ revolving flooring allowing passengers to witness the scenic delights with ease during the journey to the top.


1. Kruger National Park

Among the most prized tourist attractions in the entire country, and recognized as the largest game reserve continent-wide, Kruger National Park boasts the Big Five, giraffes, cheetahs, and much more, allowing it to play host to more species of mammals than all other game reserves within the nation.

Quite unlike the majority of other safari parks, Kruger National Park provides an excellent infrastructure with its luxurious lodges and tented camping areas, making it an ideal self-drive holiday destination in itself.





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