With the news that 2 New Low Cost Airlines might be hitting our skies soon, many travellers are smiling. What this will mean for us as travellers is hopefully lower prices for domestic flights. The 2 airlines are Skywise and Fastjet.

Skywise Airlines

Involved in Skywise is one of 1Time airline’s founders who is confident that the airline will succeed and that that they have the right business plan in place.

In June the Air Service Licensing Council granted Skywise an Air Service License. The group is currently in the process of obtaining an Air Operator Certificate. While an official launch date is yet to be finalised, the airline is expected to take to the skies in the third quarter of the year, with bookings opening a month prior to the launch.

2 new low cost airlines

Fastjet Airlines

After months of negotiations with several potential partners to enter the South African market, the new low-cost airline was expected to start operating an initial route between Cape Town and Johannesburg on May 31.

Fastjet chairperson David Lenigas has said, “Air fares in South Africa have skyrocketed since 1time ceased flying at the end of last year and many planes are operating at full capacity – specifically on the key Johannesburg to Cape Town and Durban routes.”

Whether or not these 2 airlines will actually launch is one thing and then of course, can they survive the onslaught they will receive by the established competitors such as Mango and Kulula. What you can be assured of is that cheap domestic flights will be on the cards and an increase in competition is certain to benefit the consumer.

Below is the interview with the 2 companies on SABC 3